Thursday, July 1, 2021

3 Things

Luke has been hanging out at my parents house this week living his VERY BEST LIFE!  He and my dad have been building stuff, he's been shooting airsoft guns, driving the golf cart, swimming and just doing what he loves to do.

Luke has always been my early riser and this summer his "teenager" is showing and he's only been up before 10 a handful of times.  He had a golf lesson scheduled a couple of weeks ago for 9 a.m. and you would have thought that I had asked him to get up at 4 a.m. :) hahaha

Luke is growing like a weed and my guess is that he'll pass me up in height by the time school starts.  We were at Pinstack last weekend and I looked over and was like, "who's that kid climbing next to Aubrey" and then realized it was MY kid!  Seriously - I can't get over how fast he's growing!

Mason has always had seasonal allergies but they got really bad this past year and he had some kind of unusual and scary reactions to a few different things which led us to allergy testing and a medication schedule that's worked wonders for him.  If you're considering allergy testing for your kiddo I'd HIGHLY recommend doing it if for nothing else than your peace of mind.  The other day he goes, "Mom! I'm not itchy and I can breathe!" - who knew that these were such novel concepts for him! 

- GOLF -
Mason did a golf camp earlier this summer and fell in LOVE with golf!  He's been practicing a lot and has started lessons with Luke's coach.  I love that they'll be able to play together!

Mason's two requirements this summer?  Birks and a backward hat ;) Cutest ever!

If I run out of storage on my phone it's because Griffin's FAVORITE thing to do right now is make dance videos :)  She puts KidBopz on the speaker and choreographs routines and it's so cute.  

If Griffin's not making dance videos she's probably creating art for her art show.  She hosts them multiple times a week and her prices are SUPER reasonable :)

We've started looking at our Fall calendars (I KNOW!!! I KNOW!!! I don't want to either!) and this girl is having the hardest time narrowing down her choices.  We're trying our best to rein her in a bit but she wants to do ALL THE THINGS!  Dance, volleyball, soccer, horseback riding... she wants to do it all!

Dave and I just finished watching Ted Lasso and WE LOVED IT!  Sheaffer recommended it and it was feel good and funny and endearing.  There is a fair bit of language in it BUT it's in a British accent which somehow seems to make it better ;) hahahaha

Rosie LOVES to be poolside with the kids but she ha no interest in actually getting into the water.  She'll drink from a hose, loves being sprayed by a water gun and will happily hop in the shower given the chance but will not even DRINK out of the pool!

We recently bought the game Catan and  have been trying to learn it with the kids.  If you play Catan send me all your tips!!!


  1. Those avatars are just the cutest!!

  2. We need all the Catan tips too! Got it for Christmas and have no idea how to play

  3. Well, it's settled. Pixar needs to come knocking to make a cartoon based on your family. Y'all are freaking cute as cartoons.

  4. Cutest cartoon family. :) Love these updates.

  5. Catan - watch YouTube videos. It was the only way we learned how to play it. Love it so much though now that we know what we are doing!!

  6. I love your Avatars. You all look so cute!

  7. What program did you use to turn you all into Barbies? Adorable...but can you do it with Rosie?

  8. I'm so glad you all found a regimen that works for Mason's allergies. I have a daughter with extreme allergies and severe eczema and it really is such a relief when you find something that actually works!

  9. I second the comment about YouTube tutorials for Catan! We LOVE Catan now that we know how to play.

  10. Ha, it got easier to figure out Catan by playing online since there's more automated setup and less for you to do in the beginning (you can check it out at

  11. Adorable! All of you! Also, my girl was obsessed with kids bop about this age too. Obsessed. We have so many kids bop cd's and she even had me record her singing and dancing to submit to become a kids bop kid; they were coming to our area amusement park for auditions. Childhood is precious! 💗 oh, let G do all the things! Awesome & Precious! It goes by WAY too fast! My girl is somehow 15 3/4 already. 😭

  12. Yes, my boys hit those pre-teen/ early teens years and suddenly all they wanted to do was sleep... then they started growing and have yet to stop! My oldest two are well over 6 feet tall now and our doctor keep warning me that they are not done growing yet. Be prepared to buy tons of pants. I swear every single time I turned around they had outgrown the ones I had just bought. So glad you got Mason allergy tested; I bet it feels great to breathe and not be itchy! LOL.

  13. Catan is our ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! I play constantly on my app (vs robots) and we play pretty much every weekend. It definitely gets easier the more you play, which can be discouraging for kids until they "get it" but hang in there haha!!

    I would LOVE to hear more about Mason's allergy routine - I'm 32 and stillllll struggling!


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