Friday, July 2, 2021

Friday Favorites

 Happy Friday, friends!!!   Erika and I are so excited that lots of y'all are linking up with us!!!!  If you're linking up with us make sure you grab our graphic, link back to one (or both!) of us and share your own Friday Favorites post.

First up on my list of FAVORITES was a super sweet wedding we went to last weekend.  Sharon and I have taught together for YEARS, I taught all of her boys and now she's teaching mine!  


All three of Sharons boys have also worked for Dave and it was just so sweet!  Griffin's +1 was one of her besties from school and they were just a teeny bit excited :)

A friend sitting behind us snapped this of them acting out the wedding with their Maileg mice and I can't get over how sweet it is!

It was so much fun and so great to see lots of former students as well.  We came, we ate, we danced and then we made our way home as the twinkle lights came on and the dance floor filled up.  It was perfect!

Griffin was wearing a red suit last week on an instagram story and I got so many Wendy Peffercorn comments that we had to make it happen :) 

The Sandlot is our FAVORITE!

We got Griffin's dance recital photos back this week and I can't pick a FAVORITE...

Mason did a 4th/5th Grade camp at church this week and he had the BEST time!  In the picture below... I first met the older Mason when he was my Mason's age! CRAZY!


Hands down Mason's FAVORITE part of camp was his counselor.  And that says a lot since when I picked him up yesterday he was doing a slip and slide covered with baked beans :)  SO thankful for older kids who take the time to engage and connect with younger ones!

Another FAVORITE was tomatoes from our plants.  The leaves are all turning yellow (which apparently can be from underwatering or overwatering which is helpful - hahaha) but they're still producing a ton of tomatoes which is awesome!

Griffin's FAVORITE game this week has been Buildzi.  You each get a card and have to make the structure and whoever makes it first wins that round.  She LOVES it!

Another FAVORITE was  these translucent tiles on  the lightboard.

Luke's FAVORTIE part of summer is making his own lunch :) 

And I found one of my FAVORITE sweaters on major sale  HERE and  HERE

I hope y'all have a FANTASTIC holiday weekend!  We have a parade, pool time, family time, friend time and LOTS of red, white and blue on the agenda and we can't wait!

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  1. That wedding sounds so fun and I just love your Sandlot recreation photos; how perfect!

  2. Griffin's dance pics!!!! SO GOOD! And Luke's sandwiches look pretty epic.

  3. i love barefeet and pretty dresses at an event! clearly they are having so much fun. oh to be a kid again!!

    wow i haven't linked up with you in awhile! i finally did! missed seeing your posts.

    1. So glad you're back and linking! And YES isn't that the best?!?!

  4. I loved the Sandlot recreation. Tomatoes look yummy. You may need to fertilize the plants if you have not. Something like just regular Miracle Gro that you use on the flowers as well. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks so much for the tip!!! Getting out my miracle grow ASAP!

  5. The little friend of G's wore such a lovely modest dress to that wedding. Was her mother the seamstress who created it? Looks just like what I & our five daughters wore as children. You may please compliment the young friend & her mother for such a pleasant presentation. Thanks.

    1. This is the sweetest compliment! I'm not sure if her mom made it or not but I'll pass along your kind words. Thanks so much, Lois!

  6. LOVE the Sandlot pics!! Perfect!

  7. LOVE the Sandlot pics! Perfect!!


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