Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Weekend Happies


First up is a colorful stack of bracelets - made me happy because #duh and also because I was dressed and ready to hang out with friends.

Next up was LIVE MUSIC! Y'all - it felt so good to be outside enjoying good music with good friends. 

We attended a charity dinner and concert and had the very best time.  It's been raining for what feels like WEEKS and the sun was out and there was a cool breeze and it was just total perfection.  And any theme that merits cowboy boots is one I'm 100% on board with :)

Seeing a picture of this cute face posted on the church's facebook page MADE MY DAY!  He's been at church camp since Friday and it did my heart good to see his sweet face.

Other things that made me happy were lots of rounds of Monopoly Deal...

... lots of puzzling...

It's always fun for me to see the dynamics shift when one kid is out doing something and let me tell you - Mason and Griffin have been BUDDYING IT UP this weekend.  There has been a lot of imaginative play which makes my heart SO HAPPY...

This baby all snuggled up made me happy...

... and so did these flowers...

... this cutie relaxing (and keeping an eye on kids in the pool)...

... slow mornings...

... and slow afternoons.

HAPPY Tuesday, friends!!!


  1. Have I seen your finished pool? It looks SO good in these pics!

    1. You can come see it in person ANY TIME but the rain has thwarted all my attempts at getting good pics ;) Hopefully at some point this summer i'll share!

  2. So many happies this morning on your blog!! xx

  3. Love the plant lady mug! Would you please add the link?

    1. It's from Anthro but I believe it's older. I'll look and if I can find the link I'll add it here :)

  4. Those slow mornings and afternoons look fabulous! As does all the pool time...

  5. Easy tips
    On monopoly deal. I’m
    Struggling with the directions

    1. Ah! I feel like I would need to walk you through a hand! HAve you checked YouTube? There are great video tutorials there!

  6. Luke is such a handsome lad!


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