Monday, June 14, 2021

Weekend Happies - Recital Edition

Happy Monday, friends!!!  This weekend was all about RECITAL!!! It was extra exciting since she didn't have one last year and it was the perfect ending to a great year of dance.

She and I headed up to the studio on Friday morning for pictures and run throughs.  Sweet friends from school were in a couple of her classes which has made dance even more fun this year.

She LOVES everything about getting dressed up and performing which is so fun to watch.

We hit the Chick-Fil-A drive-thru and came home to rest for a bit to rest...

... and then redid hair, gathered everything up and headed to the performing arts center.

GORGEOUS girlies - pretty inside and out!

This was her first recital to not be one of the first few numbers (typically the younger kiddos) and so she got to hang out with us for a while bit before heading back for her call.

She was in three numbers and did SO WELL!  I think her best performance was hip hop but she loved them all.

Proud big brothers :) 

We headed to Spoons for dinner...

... and then headed home.  

It was such a sweet day with G and the special time with her was well worth the sweaty costume changes and all the running back and forth :) We opted out of summer dance in an effort to simplify our schedules amidst camps and what not but she has already said she wants to do ballet, hip hop and acro again next season and is anxiously awaiting the Fall schedule coming out.  

HAPPY Monday, friends!!!


  1. She looks like a teenager in those pictures with the makeup! How thrilling to see your child thrive while doing something they love. I know your heart must be full from the weekend and I love all the pictures! I have four sons, so I never experienced cheer or dance, but when we'd go and watch my niece perform for her show night before competition in cheer, I was always the weirdo in the room crying while watching her. I need to tell her that now that she's a mom herself! It's so emotional! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Such a darling little dancer!

  3. What fabulous photos! I just love her great big smile in all of these!!

  4. One of the biggest blessings of being a parent is the joy of watching your child do what they love to do. How fun for GG, she's a beautiful dancer:).


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