Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Warm/Cool Art Project

I've had this project on our to-try list for EVER and ended up loving this just as much as Mason (if not more!)  Our finished products turned out super cute and we had a lot of fun working on these together.

I prepped 12x12 watercolor paper by drawing out a 1" grid in pencil (I decided to make one and did 1/2" for mine)...

... and then we drew our patterns also in pencil.  Griffin wanted a peace sign but then she ran upstairs to "get something" and ended up taking a nap :) hahaha

Mason used bowls of various sizes and I just drew some wavy lines.

Then the fun started - we used a liquid watercolor set and blended, diluted and mixed "cool colors" painting a bunch of squares each shade at a time and then moving onto the next blended hue.

Mason would mix the colors and then we would both share from his "color creation".  It was a great discussion too of how adding water made the colors less saturated, how adding black/white lightened/darkened, etc.  FUN!

We did all the cool colors and then did the same thing with warm.  I got started on this section before Mason and had the best time listening to a book and painting my little squares... I feel like it was the equivalent of an adult coloring book :)

This was a GREAT project for Mason because it didn't have to be perfect - he tends to get frustrated when he "messes up" and watercolors are so easy to blend, dab, water down, etc. and it was a good exercise in working with and around mistakes instead of giving up.

Mason is already talking about doing another one of these but doing different shades of each color of the rainbow which I think would be so cool.

Hoping that this sparked some creativity at your house this week!  HAPPY Tuesday, friends!!!

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  1. If you ever give up teaching math you could teach art classes for kids! So creative & fun!


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