Wednesday, June 23, 2021

7 Questions

I wish I could say that I have wonderfully prepared meals on the table every night for our family but that's just not the case.  Meal planning is not my strength and some weeks our schedule is just crazy town and we end up eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with chips in the car or heading out for tacos and guacamole.  When I'm on my A-Game I will typically meal plan on Friday evenings, grocery shop on Saturdays and then prep for the week on Sunday - I do reference my list of go-to-recipes  HERE because I know they're tried and true but also find no shame in a boxed mac-and-cheese.  

This sounds strange but it just "felt" complete.  After we had Mason we had talked about feeling like we would eventually have one more baby (at the time we were praying about adoption) and when I found out I was pregnant with Griffin we definitely felt like that was "it" for our family.  If I'm being totally honest - the fact that we both worked outside of the home definitely impacted us feeling like our family was done.

I've learned my lesson putting definitives out there... I feel like as soon as I say "never" that I end up eating those words but I can definitely say that we don't have any plans of moving any time soon.  I think if/when Dave and I ever move it will be after kids are gone and we'll head somewhere with cooler weather (which is exactly what my parents said and here they are!) hahaha

Pic of our old kitchen which I honestly still miss!!!

North Pole Breakfast because it's so much fun, it kicks off the Christmas season and it's one of our longest-running traditions.  This was last year....

.... and this was 2013 :) We started back in 2012 and this year will be the 10th one!  I can't believe it!!!

I get excited thinking about how I'll mix it up year to year...

... but the powdered donuts...

... matching pjs...

... and ornaments will always be a constant.

YES!!!! I totally do!  I have a hard time relaxing when things need to get done and this is something that I'm working on getting better at.

I saw this letter shared on Facebook a while ago and it really helped shift my perspective a bit.  You can read it in it's entirety HERE but essentially while visiting a friends home a mom noticed vacuum lines and wished that she could have vacuum lines in her carpet for more than 5 minutes...

"Then one day I woke up, went to clean my house, carefully placed vacuum lines in my carpet, looked at my beautiful dining table with a perfect wax coating and zero finger prints and realized it would stay that way for days…..and that’s when I realized that vacuum lines are lonely. That Legos and dirty clothes and mouths to feed and backpacks to get ready are sometimes very overwhelming, but they’re never, ever lonely and that what the old ladies had been telling me was true! That the Legos slowly disappeared without me ever noticing. They were replaced by video games, and then football gear and then by empty bedrooms waiting for a visit home from college or life. That the loads of laundry gradually got smaller, the dirty dishes were less and the endless treasures of Pokémon cards, or rock collections all disappeared. Everything sits magazine ready in my home now and I appreciate and love this time of my life, I only wish I had known the cost of vacuum lines, because then I surely wouldn’t have wanted this day to come as fast as it did."

It GUTS ME every time I read it.

We've been really lucky in that we haven't had to make that decision very often (yet).  Part of being involved in teams that are comprised of kids that attend the same school we do is that most parents have also prioritized Sunday worship and we opt out of games/tournaments that mean missing church as a whole team not an individual.  That said, we have had the occasional Sunday morning sports commitment and on those occasions we've had our own family church time either before or after.  We obviously want our kids to know that church is the top priority but also aren't super hardline about it when they're in a tournament or some other extenuating circumstance.  I hope that makes sense!!!

It's the Lounge Sectional from Crate and Barrel (via FB Marketplace!) and it is THE BEST!!! IT can hold our entire family (including the human-sized dog) and it's super comfortable.  When the kids have sleepovers they all pile on there and it's just all around perfection.

HAPPY Wednesday, friends!!!


  1. I always enjoy these posts! The vaccum lines article really hit home. As the kids get older the house stays neater for longer periods of time, but it also stays quieter (out with friends, sports, video games, etc) - and the time for them to move on to a bigger pond looms near.

  2. Ugh, you hit the nail on the head with "gutted"!

  3. Vacuum lines...some days I long for those lines, especially when my 12 year old daughter spills all her "stuff" out of her room and into the rest of the house. I quickly remind myself that one day, all this stuff won't be here, that one day very soon she will be off at college and then on her own. Sigh. But a clean house, for my sanity, is nice too. Ha!

  4. That letter. Ugh. I feel gutted too. My days are numbered and I dont like it. My girl is already 15.5. How? When? Why? The toys are packed up already and I miss them and hearing my daughters little voice playing and talking. The growing up stuff is hard on our momma hearts.

  5. That is so funny because I always say I want to move someplace warmer when our kids are grown and out of the house! We no longer have the lego's and stuff around as my boys have moved onto the video game/ nearing college stage and it's kind of weird. I can't imagine what it will be like with zero kids here!

  6. Well, thanks for the morning session...LOL!! that letter about the legos are now gone etc. YES!!! We are in the video game/football season and I want a pause button. I neeeeeeed it!!! My 12 going on 20 year old is just going way quicker than I ever anticipated!! Mama's with littles, put that vacuum away and play. For me. For all the mom's with pre-teen boys who barely hug them anymore! ;) xoxo


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