Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Patriotic Decor

I hadn't planned on decorating for July 4th but then I found a cute set of bowls at Marshalls and the rest is history. ;)  I switched out a couple of things on my tiered stand in the kitchen and I feel like it's festive without being too much...

... and yes, I've refilled those M&Ms SEVERAL times in the past week.

On the island I did the same... just swapped out a set of bowls and used a mug as a little planter. 

On the kitchen table I added another set of bowls and they're cute and have been perfect for cereal in the morning and snacks in the afternoon.

I got out my very favorite metal firecrackers and then filled a vase with flags...

... and hung up a bunting on the mantle.

And YES, more M&Ms :)

One of my FAVORITE crafts of all time in the dining room...

(yes... that's a plant still in the "wrapper"... I just stuck it in there because it was raining and I couldn't plant it yet)

In the game room upstairs I added a few festive books...

Some old favorites as well as a couple of new like  America, A Patriotic Primer...

Yes, I still buy "picture books".  My kids like to flip through them and they're fun before-bed reads with Griffin and I don't think you're ever too old for a great book. 

HAPPY Tuesday, friends!!!

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  1. Very cute! I wasn't going to decorate either but then decided to invite a couple people for a cookout so I guess I'll do something simple as well!

  2. You ARE mever too old for a quality picture book. Many of them are actually created for older kids and adults.

  3. I could not get motivated to pull my stuff out this year, but now that I've read your post...I just might!

  4. Love it all, especially the books! I love picture books!

  5. As always - love it, love it, love it!!


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