Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Amazon Lately

Coming at you today with another SUPER RANDOM assortment of Amazon purchases :) First up is  this linen duvet cover.  After purchasing three different much less expensive duvets that I really wanted to love I realized that if I wanted the look/feel of linen I would just need to bite the bullet and purchase linen.  The duvet cover arrived and it's everything I wanted - it's well made, beautiful, a great weight and has that lived in linen look (DUH! it's linen) and while it was more expensive than the linen blend and cotton covers I had tried before it's still a GREAT value compared to the covers I was looking at at various other stores.  

These are my favorite magnet clips for hanging papers and calendars and invitations on the fridge but they're hefty enough you can also use them to keep a bag of chips or bread closed.  I use them on the whiteboard in my classroom as well and grabbed another package because we use them so often.

I ordered two sets of drawer organizers to get our new nightstands and a few other drawers around the house organized.  This first set is great if you need the small square containers...

... but in general I think I preferred the sizes in  this set.

I've been washing ALL THE THINGS including freshening up our couch throw blankets and comforters and all of that and had to order  a backup Glamorous Wash because it's my absolute FAVORITE for bedding and blankets (and everything else as well - haahaha).

I was doing some puzzle shopping and scooped up  this Christmas puzzle because the holiday puzzles always go out of stock in the Fall and I LOVE this brand.  It's so pretty and I can't wait to work on it.

The mosquitos are OUT OF CONTROL right now (thank you rainiest May of all time) and TONS of people recommended  the Thermacell.  I was super skeptical at first but so far I've been impressed - so much so that I've gone ahead and ordered the refills.  The key is remembering to put it out 15 minutes before I go outside on the patio.

I've mentioned Turkish towels a few times and the set that I've had for a few years isn't in stock anymore so I ordered  this set to see if how they compared and they're GREAT!  We love that they dry fast, are BIG and you can pack all six in the space it would take to pack one regular beach towel.

After talking about this mystery puzzle you knew I had to order  the Happy Isles version :)  We worked on it immediately and just like the first one we had a BLAST!

I ordered  these summer work books for Mason and Griffin and they LOVE THEM!  We've used these same bridge books for a few years now and every year I'm impressed.  The work is varied and it comes with a map and stickers to keep kids on track and motivated.  They do a few pages every morning and are yet to complain about it :) 

Griffin had a pair of floral embroidered cowboy boots for a couple of years and recently outgrew them.  She's been asking for a new pair and so I grabbed  these and was so impressed with the quality.  They're leather and really well made and they're SO CUTE on.  

My kids needed new goggles (we only had 1 out of 3 pairs left after a couple of years of wear) and of course we had to  stick with our FAVES.

Okay, y'all.  I HATE bathing suit shopping.  HATE IT.  I have a suit from Albion YEARS ago that I love and a few pieces from Kortni Jean that I adore but this year I decided to give Amazon a shot - I ordered a BUNCH and ended up hating all of them except for one.  It's a blouson style top with a super simple bottom and for under $30 it's WONDERFUL.  I got my regular size and have no complaints.

HAPPY Wednesday and HAPPY shopping, friends!

PS - this post contained affiliate links... thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!


  1. Do you find that the towels are as absorbent as regular beach towels?

  2. Do you find that the towels are as absorbent as regular beach towels?

  3. So many great items! I love that puzzle brand also! I just preordered one and I think Griffin would love it….

    Enchanted Nutcracker 500 Piece Puzzle

  4. I'm almost 40 rocking the mom bod. You know not flat stomach or toned arms!! I just ordered this bottom from VS Swim and fell in love - Mallorca High-waist Full Coverage Bottom. I'm only 5' tall and weight 133 and got Medium. Its so flattering and covers the butt fully!! I paired it with the Zuma Demi Top, but they also have a super cute tankini top. The suit you got is super cute but wanted to send info in case someone wants to try and can't find that bottom that covers and flatters!

    1. CUTE!!! Always appreciate a full coverage swim recommendation! :) THANK YOU!

  5. That bathing suit is so cute!

  6. We are in memphis near a creek/river and the mosquitos are terrible. We buy the cutter bug spray that you hook on your hose and spray all over your yard. It works great! However, it says spray every three months but we do it every other week.

    1. We've had SO MUCH RAIN lately that they're AWFUL! Checking this out today!!! THANK YOU!

  7. I just ordered the Thermacell & I can't wait!! (I love & trust your reviews for what I've bought so far. i.e. the Music Cats Puzzle.)

  8. Ordered the towels and laundry soap. Keep the Amazon post coming

  9. OK, I have to ask because I have seen that laundry detergent recommended so it worth the hefty price tag? It is not cheap, but I am intrigued...


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