Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Teacher Gift Ideas

 Today I'm sharing gift ideas for teachers.  This has been the number one question in my inbox lately (along with grads which I have coming) and I'm hoping this is helpful!  I shared this back in the Fall and had plans to revamp it but y'all... end of the year activities are about to DO ME IN! hahaha   #teacherlife

We're doing local restaurant gift cards for the kids teachers this year with thank you notes.  The end.   


My favorite teacher gift to give and receive.  $5 to Sonic or Starbucks... A Baskin Robins gift card to take their kids out for ice cream or a Cinemark card to check out a movie with their kids over break.  Write a note, pop the card in the envelope and call it a day!  I know gift cards get a bad wrap for being impersonal but I think if you pick a place that you know a teacher loves or write a note about enjoying a meal with their family it can make it super personal and special.  

If you have a middle or high school student and are overwhelmed with your student having a LOT of teachers you could always find a few other parents in the same boat as you and pool your gifts together to get one gift card for each teacher.  

I use my  O-Ring every day and keep my teacher ID and key card in the  ID holder on the ring.  It makes my keys easily accessible (and identifiable if I leave them somewhere!) and the silicone are my favorite option for school because I can wipe them down with disinfectant.  How CUUUUTE is  the new bamboo silicone?!?!

I got this YETI mug during quarantine when I couldn't seem to finish a cup of tea while it was hot to save my life and I take it to school with me DAILY!  It's on the pricier end but is the only one I have that I can vouch for keeping my hot beverages HOT for hours on end.  You can find a less expensive option with great reviews HERE.

I've professed my love for BOGG Bags repeatedly and today is no different.  I'm linking them  HERE on Amazon but your best bet is to follow them on IG and see if they do a Black Friday sale.  Last year I was able to grab the smaller size bag (Baby Bogg) for all of my kids teachers for about $25 each!

I have several ornaments on my Christmas tree from students over the years and I LOVE getting them out every year and reading the note/name on them. 

Because who doesn't love a good EXPO marker and they dry out pretty much constantly :) 

Post it notes are something that I go through super quickly.  I use them for EVERYTHING and while I'm partial to  the pop-up ones in  my cute cat holder any bright post-its will do!  I bet if you ask your kid if their teacher has a favorite office supply they'll know... flair pens, stickers for graded papers, sharpies, etc.

These are such a thoughtful gift and I think that the simple lettering would be great for male teachers as well.  Super simple and not overly "cutesy".

I've had several teachers mention this drawing tablet to me as something that has helped them navigate online teaching.  Essentially it replaces your mouse with this tablet and stylus making writing on your computer so much easier.

My friend Amanda makes the CUTEST personalized cups and this skinny one with the straw is my FAVORITE style.  She has tons of colors and fonts and I've given these a couple of times as teacher gifts.  They're a great price point as well!

I feel like the description is enough said :)   With SO MUCH TIME being spent on the computer I can't think of a single teacher who wouldn't love a heated shoulder and neck massage - myself included!

I included this in my guide from last year as well because it's seriously one of my favorite things ever.  Our campus is outdoors so when it rains it can be a huge pain in the butt but this umbrella makes life so much easier!  It's essentially "inside out" so when you collapse it the water stays "inside" the umbrella instead of getting all over you, your car, the floor, etc.  

This is my favorite hand cream of all time and with all of the hand washing that's been going on I think it would be a much appreciated gift.  The smell is SO GOOD but not over powering and it's a shea butter cream so it lasts a long time without feeling greasy.

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  1. I just got the CUTEST monogrammed beach bags for my kids’ teachers from Marley and Lilly and they were very reasonably priced!

  2. I am a third grade teacher... The drawing tablet has saved my life. It is one of my favorite tech tools. Especially for math or writing. You will never need to write with a mouse again. mic drop...

  3. I am a teacher and these are all amazing! I agree with the gift card - not impersonal in my opinion at all. As a kindergarten teacher I get them for the Dollar Store (which in kindergarten I shop there A LOT). Question: What is the sparkly thing that is not linked. A phone case?

  4. Hey!! Someone just messaged me with a question about the cups and said they were on your blog today! ❤️ Thanks for the shoutout, friend!! 😘
    That Inspired Chick

  5. You mean teachers don't want an apple mug? LOL! Great ideas! One year we pulled resources and bought the teacher a bunch of gift cards. I wrote a story about the school year incorporating the gift cards. It was fun! Another year I knew the teacher wanted a new swimsuit (weird things we learn about teachers when we're room mom) so we wrapped up a kid-sized suit (kids thought it was hilarious) but gave her a Land's End gift card so she could get a nice suit for the summer. I spend MANY years as a room mom and loved coming up with creative ways to celebrate the teachers.


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