Thursday, May 13, 2021

Day in the Life

 Today I'm sharing a day in the life that I documented this past Monday because I realized it's my LAST full Monday of school!  Next week is exam week and middle school has half days so if I was going to do one this was the day!

I was up at 6:00 a.m and officially an old lady because the first thing I did was check the weather :) Then I laid there for 10 minutes going through my day in my head and thinking about what I was going to wear.  #truth

Up and looking super put together :) hahaha  I pull my hair up in one of  these sink scrunchies and clip back my bangs at night and it helps me stretch my hair washing out a bit. When I don't pull my hair back it gets face serums all over it and I end up washing it a lot more often.

I picked up  this exfoliating cleansing bar a few weeks ago and seriously look forward to the mornings I use it.  It makes my face feel SO CLEAN but not dry at all and I love it so much!

While my hair is all pulled back I put on the teeniest bit of this  bright-eyed eye cream...

... then a little bit of the  glam glow glowstarter topped by some  infallible.  I apply everything with my fingertips and use a teeny amount just to get some super light coverage.

I finish up with eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara (I'm finishing up the tube of tarte but my FAVORITE one is  this)

A little  dry shampoo and a couple of passes with my flat iron and then it's time for kid hair...

I did braid buns for G ;)

I picked up these earrings at a market when I was in NYC with girlfriends a couple of years ago and they put a HUGE smile on my face every time I wear them.  

Dave goes in later than we do so he "monitors" most mornings - making sure water bottles are filled up and lunches make it into backpacks.  We were all ready to go and Mason was out front playing basketball :)

Loaded up and heading out a little later than normal but not bad...

G earned a special privilege and she got to bring a friend to school with her...

... I got into my classroom and plugged in lights, lit a candle, made sure I had all my copies ready to go...

.... and then checked in on Chips and Queso :) 

I changed their water (after this pic), got them fed and made sure their enclosure was still nice and toasty.  They have been ALL ABOUT the water lately so I usually change it when I get to school and before I leave in the afternoon.

My first two classes were working on a practice exam and I spent my time walking around and answering questions, getting caught up on grading and scheduling Google Classroom posts with exam review material.  I had two classes and then...

... on Mondays we have Chapel or small group so I did that...

... and then had 3 more classes before lunch.

Dave was off on Monday and he picked up Jimmy Johns and ran it by on his way to an appointment (BLESS HIS HEART)...

... and then this kid tried to take it off my hands when I was on my way to lunch duty :)

I'm a Turkey Tom with mayo, cucumbers, lettuce, tomato and cheese ALL DAY LONG.  I try to mix it up but I just can't quit.

I had one more class after lunch and then two planning periods where I finished making some practice exam keys...

... had a sweet treat...

... and got some scanning done while I listened to my Bible Recap.

After school I helped a few high schoolers prep for an Algebra II Test, made sure my plans for the next day were ready to go since I had a sub coming in and did a last check of my to-do-list.  

4:15 and I was out!

Everyone loaded up...

... and when we got home we hit the ground running emptying backpacks, washing lunchboxes, checking the mail, etc.  These cute shorts showed up for G...

Mason had a football game and Griffin had two dance classes so we divided up and I took G to dance and the boys headed to the football field.

Ballet costumes were in which was VERY exciting!!!

Mason's game started and then was delayed for lightning and then was eventually cancelled.  Griffin got out of dane and we drove home in the craziest flash flooding I've ever seen. 

We were going to grill but considering the severe thunderstorm warning and everything else we opted for quick and easy soup and grilled cheese.  It's one of those meals that fast and I know everyone will eat and while it wasn't anything fancy it was delicious :) 

Mondays are a later night so after dinner all the kids got showered and ready for bed, wrapped up a bit of homework/reading and everyone was in bed by 9:30.  

I showered and then did my normal nighttime face routine...  cleansing balm, then  glycolic acid peel padsretinol night oil and  eye cream and then  water drench moisturizer.

I double checked my blog post for Tuesday, responded to a few emails and was in bed by about 11:00 p.m.

The next time I share a day in the life it will be a SUMMER DAY and I can't wait!!!

Happy Thursday, friends!!!

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  1. Days in the Life are always a favorite! You are on the go from morning to night, bet you sleep well:).

  2. What a fun, busy, productive Monday!

  3. I love that the school gives you a designated parking spot! Love day in life posts!

  4. Your inability to wear a mask in the midst of a pandemic is staggering. I can't imagine this comment will ever change your mind, but I want to make sure you know that it is noticed. If you are ever wearing one, then show it. This post makes it clear you don't take the pandemic seriously and are part of the problem.

    1. Hey, Emily! I’m not showing myself in a mask because I’m not wearing one. The mask mandate was lifted in Texas months ago and our cases are dropping exponentially. McKinney is a city of close to 200,000 people and we have 66 active cases. Our school has been mask optional for about 6 weeks now and we haven’t had a single covid case since March. Hoping you and your students are mask free soon!

    2. Also, every picture of you is in your house or car. The mask shaming has gotten old and it doesn't even make sense here.

    3. I love your reply! You have so much class and are so respectful, even when people need to mind their own business. I'm a long time reader and I just admire your family so much!

    4. I don't know either of you - Emily or Andrea - but I live ten minutes from Andrea. Emily, your comments floor me. A bit of research would show you that Andrea's 100% right. Our numbers are very low and mask wearing is not mandatory in many places. We aren't part of the problem and attempting to shame Andrea isn't part of the pandemic solution.

    5. Andrea- You are the epitome of grace and class. Thank you for not allowing yourself to be bullied, and for doing so in such an exemplary manner. Your kids and your students are so blessed to have you as a guide and model.

  5. I was so intrigued to learn what a sink scrunchie was - like what is this new technique, I must know all about it. LOL it's silk! Day in the life are my favorite posts. I really like your families rhythm - keep rocking!!

  6. What a wonderful last full Monday of school!

  7. Always excited when I see it's a day in the life post!


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