Monday, April 26, 2021

Weekend Happies: Vol II

 HAPPY Monday, friends!

Instead of my typical recap I thought I'd share a few "happies" from the weekend.  Little things that brought a big smile to my face and hopefully a couple bring a smile to your face as well!

A trip to the American Girl doll store to spend some birthday money...

... this text from Luke...

... exploring with friends...

... and watching this girl in her serving groove :)

These two goofy kids...

... outdoor reading time...

... and recreating a pic from last year to celebrate having Rosie as part of our family for a year :)

Watching Mason working hard at something he loves made me smile...

... as did getting to celebrate both my parents birthdays with a full house of kids :)

Evening walks made us happy....

... and so did afternoon naps...

... and releasing Guac (the baby turtle) into a good home.  

As Mason was about to put her into the pond he saw another baby turtle and immediately he was pretty much in the water.  hahaha

He wanted Guacamole to have a friend in the pond and my heart almost exploded.

Hope your Monday is extra HAPPY, friends!!!


  1. I love all of your happies! I'm really sad because they closed our American Girl doll store down last year. :( Have a wonderful start to your week!

    1. Are you in Denver? They closed ours as well. :(

  2. Love the turtle story so much! Have a happy week!

  3. The sweetest he wanted Guac to have a friend :) Have a good week!

  4. I just can not get over how much Rosie had grown in a year! What wonderful happies!!

  5. Our dog is always head on the pillow too. Living their Best lives!



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