Thursday, April 8, 2021

Seven Questions

It's been WONDERFUL!!!!  We're able to get in touch with him when we need to and vice versa without the things that he doesn't need access to right now.  It's allowed us to comfortably give him more freedoms and I can't say enough great things about it.  Several of his friends have them now as well and I love that parents have an option that's not a smartphone.  

You can read more about the phone in my original post HERE and shop it directly HERE (make sure you use code ANDREA10 for $10 off).  

SO FUN!!!  1000% skillet queso.  I mean - is there really any other choice?  
Also - Dave and I had a friend in high school who had a chili's booth IN HIS ROOM!  Not even kidding.

In case you missed it on IG -  I mentioned that when my kids are WIPED OUT and I know they could benefit from a nap (i.e. they had a sleepover the night before, are a wreck in the afternoon and we have plans with friends later that evening) I employ what I call my "sleep story rule" ;)  They have to lay on the couch or on my bed with their eyes closed and listen to a sleep story.  If they make it through the 20-30 minute story awake then great - they're good to get up and go and if not... well nap time for the win.

The app I use is called SLEEP and I like that it has white noise, different scenes (woods, ocean, etc.) that you can adjust the sounds on for when you're reading or trying to sleep in addition to tons and tons of sleep stories organized by category.

You can also search "sleep stories" on YouTube to try them out and see if they work for your kiddos (or you!)

We're headed back to Sky Ranch family camp and we can't wait!!!  We were there three years ago and are so excited to head there again!

Not at all!  I've always put a big emphasis on relationship/rapport building with students because that makes such a huge difference in accountability and student performance and I feel like when it's a friend/co-workers child I have a head start on the rapport.  

Because I know it has potential to be awkward for students for other kids to know I have a relationship with their parents I NEVER bring up outside of school interactions at school unless the student does and also don't bring up classroom stuff if we're outside of school.  So for example, if we hung out with a family over the weekend and I have their kid in class I'm not going to bring that up on Monday at school or if we're hanging out on the weekend I'm not going to bring up something that we did at school while we're hanging out.  

Being in the classroom for 15 years at a school where most teachers have kids that attend I've taught dozens and dozens of co-workers kids and it's never been anything but great.

This year I've dipped my toe in the water of having my own kid and his friends in my classroom (subbing in for co-workers, lunch duty, etc.) and it's been absolutely fine.  If I see Luke on campus I don't say anything unless he says hi first and I try as much as possible to give him his space (i.e. if I have lunch duty I sit in the seat that doesn't face his table, I'll text him to stop by my classroom if I need to talk to him about something rather than finding him at his locker, etc.).  I know it's got to be tough to feel like your mom is around 24/7 so I do my best to give him a wide berth at school. 

We had a good portion of our downstairs painted Sherwin Williams Canvas Tan two years ago and we still love it SO MUCH!  It was such a huge transformation and the only disappointing thing was that we waited so long to have it done.

You can read the full post HERE for more before and after pics :)

I started sharing about these trays 5 years ago and they're still one of my most-requested links.  They're currently under $14 for a set of 4 and we use them for EVERYTHING!  Crafts, homework, dinner, snacks, lego building, play dough... they're awesome.

I don't put ours in the dishwasher and they're not super sturdy (so you can't carry things on them like a heavier tray) but for keeping bits and pieces off your table, for creating a smooth writing surface and keeping spills contained they're perfection.

Happy Thursday, friends!!!

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