Thursday, April 1, 2021

Happy Birthday, Luke


I did what everyone told me not to do and I blinked and here we are.  

The baby who I thought would NEVER sleep in his own bed now happily hangs out up there reading late into the night and sleeping much later than I ever thought he would.

The toddler who I thought would NEVER be able to walk up a flight of stairs solo (he was so scared of heights) now walks 18 holes of the golf course with friends.

The little boy who I thought would NEVER be able to buckle his seatbelt independently (oh my word the struggle! hahaha) now rides up front with me and steals all my gum and messes with my air vents :)

We couldn't be more proud of the incredible young man Luke's becoming and can't wait to see him chase after Jesus and where that leads him in his life. 

This year his shoulders have gotten broader and he may be eye level with me but that dimple we fawned over in the hospital on the day he was born is exactly the same... and it still has the power to melt me just a little bit which I have a feeling may come in handy over the next few years :)

Happy Birthday to our TEENAGER!  We love you to Maine and back!


  1. So this gave me hope. Sleeping in own bed and seat belt. Oh my stars the struggle is real. Our little girl just turn 6.

  2. Happy Birthday, Luke! And OH MY at his new pic. SO HANDSOME! Sweet post, mama.

  3. Happy Birthday Luke!!!! I can't believe he's a teenager!!! I hope he has an awesome day/weekend!!!

  4. Happy birthday to your smart, sweet, handsome teen!

  5. Wow. How beautiful. Happiest of Birthdays to Luke!

    My oldest is also Luke and tonight is his Senior Night for football (we're in NC and our sports are out of order). This post hit me all in my feels.

  6. Well, now I feel old!!! 13?!?! That photo of him is amazing, happy birthday!!

  7. You have a teenager! Happy Birthday, Luke!

  8. What a great picture! Happy birthday to Luke!

  9. Oh Andrea, I cannot believe Luke is 13!! Dave just called me yesterday to tell me he was here! I just don't believe it. Time slow down. Happy birthday, Luke!!


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