Thursday, April 22, 2021

Celebrating Mason and G

We made it! The last birthday post of 2021!

Mason turned 10 last Friday and we started the day off with Chick-Fil-A chicken minis (amen!) and homemade cookies for his classmates.  

My parents joined us for pizza...

He mentioned Thursday night that he was excited to see "the fun way he would get presents" since apparently I set the bar high with Luke's saran wrap ball :)  I decided to do a scavenger hunt with some fun little tasks along the way and it was a HUGE HIT!

Clues included things like having to smash a block of ice with a hammer to get a clue...

... popping balloons to find pieces of a clue...

... and having to jump into the pool to get his last clue off the bottom :)

Which ended up being kind of a bust since the bag leaked AND it was randomly like 55 degrees and raining. But it was hilarious and he had a blast.

The clues led him to the front door where we had was surprised with a new bike.  Such a fun moment!

We came back inside to warm up and open a few more presents (like the "Cozy" he's obsessed with) and blow out candles on some cookies and Blue Bell.

Saturday morning Griffin was up bright and early ready to party ;)  I decided to do a little scavenger hunt for her as well because WHY NOT and it was super fun because Mason hid all the clues and presents along the way.

Griffin LOVES a pretty package so I individually wrapped all her little things (i.e.two packs of markers and a pack of pencils that went with her lap desk) for her to open and she was GIDDY!

Her hunt ended with a bike as well!

Her breakfast of choice was bacon and cheesy eggs (a girl after my own heart) and since she's not one to miss out on a candle opportunity we did those as well :)

The rest of our day we had our regular Saturday hustle including a volleyball game followed by birthday cookies...

... a grocery run to pick up a few things for our Family Fiesta which included an impulse cookie cake purchase :)  When they asked if she wanted it personalized she immediately piped up with "yes, please.  Go GG, It's your birthday" - so funny!

The rest of the afternoon we worked outside, I graded papers and these two broke in their new bikes.

That night we headed to Griffin's dinner of choice - One and Only Burger. 

Seriously the most festive few days EVER!!!

HAPPY Thursday, friends!


  1. How fun! Love the scavenger hunt! :)

  2. I had several things I wanted to say, and now I can only think about One and Only Burger. CAN WE TAL ABOUT THE FRY SAUCE!!!!!

  3. But I need one more birthday post with birthday videos!! ;)

    Love the scavenger hunts!!

  4. Is it November yet? Totally doing the scavenger hunt for my son's birthday. Such a fun idea!

  5. What a fun day! Memories they will treasure forever:).


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