Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Amazon Lately

Happy Wednesday, friends!!! Today I'm sharing what I've been priming lately and buckle up because there are some fun finds ;)

These moisture meters have been a LIFE SAVER!!! My really large fiddle leaf started dropping a ton of leaves and I was afraid I was overwatering.  I bought this pack of 2 meters and turns out I was overwatering most plants in my house.  OOOPS!  I keep all of my indoor ferns at about a 5 and let my fiddle leaves get down to a 2 before watering again.  I don't leave the meters in each plant but just go around and check on my regular watering days to see which ones need water.  Things are already looking happier and healthier and this was such a simple fix.

I grabbed  these party kitty cupcake toppers for Griffin's birthday and then used  the coordinating banner as the toppers for party favors.

Three sets of  these poppers made perfect party favors for G's birthday party.

This may be my most random Amazon purchase of all time BUT it's possibly in my top five.  And I feel like that says A LOT.  

You keep  these stainless steel "ice globes" in the refrigerator and can use them to depuff your under eyes, help a tension headache or just for a facial massage.  I get some pretty serious headaches (not many migraines lately thank goodness) and these have been SO HELPFUL!!!  The handles don't get cold and I love resting them on my eyes.  They also stay freezing for a super long time which is awesome.

These plastic flags transformed our patio for our family fiesta and I felt like they made a huge impact for $20.  

Griffin and Mason both got new bikes for their birthdays.  Griffin got  this precious "cruiser"...

... and Mason got this one.  He was SUPER insistent that any bike he rode had to have "pedal brakes" which limited our options but he LOVES IT!

Mason also got a "comfy" (his one request!) and he is OBSESSED!!!

I also grabbed a few things for Chips and Queso's habitat :)  A big log hide...

... and  a couple of porcelain dishes to hold their protein inside since they don't eat the worms quite as fast as Gary Patterson and I didn't want them crawling around in their enclosure.

I grabbed  this hand/eye coordination skill builder for Mason's Easter basket and we have all had the best time playing catch with it...

... and  his own ladder set so he can do agility drills after school.

I grabbed  the first Deckawoo Drive book for Griffin to try out after hearing great things about the series...

.... and  this ADORABLE dress set for Colonial Day this week.  I literally can not wait!  The quality is way better than I anticipated and the gingham is precious.

Happy Wednesday and happy shopping, friends!!!

PS - this post contained affiliate links - thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!


  1. Your random Amazon lists are the best!

  2. Love these kind of posts - LOVE the kitty cats!!

  3. I love your lists!! Can you fix the link to the colonial dress? It’s going to the book instead. Thanks!!


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