Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Three Things

Golf season has started and Luke is LOVING LIFE.  He gets to go off campus twice a week during Performance Course and spend a few hours on the course with the team and with the gorgeous weather and Sonic run on the way to the course he is living his very best life :)

All three of my kids are going to Sky Ranch again this summer and Luke has a few friends going the same week as him and I feel like the excitement is already palpable :) 

If you notice our pool is extra sparkly clean this summer it's because we've hired a new pool cleaner.  Luke's excited about the additional cash and Dave is excited to not have to reach into the filter baskets.  It's a win-win!

Mason qualified to compete in Math Olympics and he was SO NERVOUS!  He prepared well and is anxiously awaiting the results.  We are so proud of him for stepping out of his comfort zone and for working so hard!

Football is BACK and Mason couldn't be more excited.  He's playing in a local league with Monday night games as well as a tournament team and he's been working really hard to get ready for the season.  We've had a hard and fast "no tackle" rule at our house and as he's getting closer to middle school (MY WORD!) we're so excited for the opportunity to continue playing touch/flag with his same team for (hopefully!) many years to come.

Mason CAN NOT resist "puppy eyes".  If he thinks Rosie looks "sad" he drops everything for snuggles, treats, belly rubs, etc.  It's funny because she "looks sad" often given her face wrinkles and generally lazy disposition but Mason's soft little heart just can't handle it!

Volleyball starts tomorrow and she can't wait! She's been working hard on her serve and is excited to play again.  I'm excited to see her focused little lefty serve out there on the court!

Griffin is growing like a WEED!!!  I swear that every piece of clothing she owns is a couple inches too short and I'm thankful that we're moving into short/dress season because she has 1 pair of pants that is long enough for her.

G's dance studio is having a recital in June and she is SO EXCITED about the costumes :)  It broke my heart a little bit when I saw the photo of her ballet costume because it's definitely in the "big girl" category and not the toddler/cutesy costumes she's had in years past.

I am practically GIDDY because I'm about to catch up in my curriculum to the point where I was last year when we went virtual which means ALL MY MATERIALS ARE READY!!!!  I've been teaching both in-person and virtual this year and have been making between 12 and 15 lesson videos per week which is A LOT so I can't wait to have those prepped and ready for the next 3 units.  What will I do with all my time?!?! hahahah

I officially have "spring fever" and it's taking pretty much all of my willpower to not head to the garden center every day to buy new outdoor plants.  We lost SO MANY things during the deep freeze and I'm itching to get things in the ground.  We're waiting a few more weeks but can't wait to get our hands in the dirt!

Y'all.  We're going through withdrawals from not being able to watch The Office at night.  We've watched the series multiple times and are hating that they took it off Netflix.  We're seriously debating buying all the seasons on prime video - the struggle is real! hahaha


  1. My favorite part about this post were the pictures!!! How adorable are your kiddos?!

  2. Do you have a streaming service for live TV? We have YouTube TV, and The Office is on NON STOP on various channels. You could set it to record and just watch random episodes! :)

  3. I don't know if you have DirecTV, but The Office is on every night on Comedy Central! It's a staple in our house too! :)

  4. I would have signed up for golf when I was in school if I could have left during the day to spend time outside and get take out for lunch too! What fun! Sounds like you are all doing great.

  5. With my favorite shows that are off Netflix (Friends, The Office), I just set my DVR to record the series and then delete out the ones I don’t necessarily want. Then once all my favorites were recorded I cancelled the series recording. I do own both shows in the series collection but it’s so much easier to have right there versus setting it up in the Blu-ray.

  6. The Office streams on Peacock now and you can get it for $5 a month. We ditched Netflix for this months ago. Look for the boxed set of dvds around Prime Day because they're a really good deal!


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