Thursday, March 18, 2021

Teacher Life :)


Well - I had a reading recap post planned for today but it's currently 11 pm on Wednesday night, the recap isn't written and this is my current view....

... Friday is the last day of the grading period and Mrs. McAnally has some WERK to do ;)  Plus - I have no idea why but Daylight Savings Time has KICKED MY TAIL this week!  Just me???

See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites, friends!!!


  1. My son in love teacher also does not look forward to the end of the grading period!

  2. I get it!!
    No one can unless they have been there :/
    Quarter 4 will be a breeze since you worked so hard last year :)

  3. This week has kicked my booty!!!!

  4. You are NOT along!!! Time change is totally kicking my butt this week too!!

  5. jelly bean is offering her assistance:).


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