Monday, February 1, 2021

Weekend Top 10

Happy Monday, friends! This weekend was one with some unexpectedly gorgeous weather and minimal plans on the agenda and we had the best time. 

Mason planned out his Valentine's box for school...

... we played dozens of rounds of "garbage"...

... and we worked on a crafty project.

Mason played HARD on the court...

... we worked hard in the kitchen...

... and then ran hard in a pretty competitive kickball game with friends :)

Griffin had THE BEST time "feeding Rosie like a baby calf" :) hahaha

I had the best time finding my FAVORITE tulips at Trader Joe's...

... and the boys worked on a pinball project Mason got for Christmas.

And most importantly - we lounged :)

Happy Monday, friends!!!


  1. Rosie on the couch just cracks me up!!! She is a gentle giant!!

  2. Will you share what you baked in your heart pan? It looked so fun! Happy Monday!

  3. Rosie is living her best life!

  4. Soooo...when does Rosie stop growing? I'm asking for a friend. ;)

  5. Is that a Valentine tank?? He is so fun!

  6. Those flowers are beautiful! I have never heard of garbage... will have to look that up as just love card games.

  7. I need to get to ordering a little something for my kiddos STAT!

  8. I am putting that exact puzzle together right now! I LOVE Mudpuppy puzzles.

  9. I got my daughter the heart purse last year for Easter and she loves it! It’s so cute in person!


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