Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Lace Heart Magnets

Griffin and I made some super fun heart magnets this weekend and we can't wait to make even more! They were so easy and turned out so pretty and you could easily use this same method for a variety of shapes/seasons.

Look how fun!!!

Step 1) We rolled out some FIMO white oven bake clay until it was about 1/4" thick (we didn't measure anything - we just kind of eyeballed it. 

Step 2) Cut the hearts out using a cookie cutter (this is the one I had on hand - I'm on the lookout for a set of different sizes for our next round of these!) 

Step 3) We took a piece of lace fabric and pressed it into the clay.  Some we pressed with our fingers, others we used a rolling pin and some we used the flat edge of a knife.  Once we had pressed the fabric to make the impression I had to kind of reshape the hearts just a bit since they got a bit smooshed.  

Step 3) We put them on a metal cookie sheet and then baked them according to the package directions (275 for 15 minutes) 

Step 4) We let them cool on a wire rack and then hot glued a magnet onto the back

The plan was to paint these and we still may do that but they looked so pretty just plain white that we decided to leave them for a few days and make a decision later.


I feel like they're so pretty and then next time we make them I really want to cut the edge of the lace and only press it onto about 2/3 of the heart and then try to stamp letters into the clay using  these little letter stamps. This little heart Luke picked out for me a few years ago was actually my inspiration for this project and for how I want to play with the letters...

They would be really pretty printed in various shades of one color or even in a rainbow of colors!

If you end up making these I'd love to see!  Happy Tuesday, friends!!!

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  1. SO FUN! You know what this reminds me of right? Remember our magnet making day when the boys were itty bitty? They played and we were a magnet factory! Such great memories!

  2. Oh, man....my daughter and I are working on the heart/yarn craft and now this is totally cute, too! Off to Amazon!!

  3. How much clay did you all use to make those 7? I teach kindergarten and have 20 kids and was wondering how much to buy. Thanks

  4. Tip-press the lace first-then cut out the heart with the cookie cutter!


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