Wednesday, December 2, 2020

North Pole Breakfast 2020

Buddy the Elf made his return on Saturday morning and just like always he came bearing breakfast.

We started this tradition 8 years ago when I was pregnant with Griffin and it's honestly something I look forward to all year long.  It's fun and creative and seeing my kids faces light up is the absolute best. 

Luke has known the truth about Santa for a few years now but Griffin and Mason still totally believe and so Luke plays along because he's the best.  I know that our years of having believing kids are limited but I think that this tradition is one that will more than likely live on well beyond their belief in Santa ;)

I had originally planned something way more "whimsical" (I'm saving it for next year I think) and then I popped into Target and saw this little taxi and switched everything. Thankfully I have a nice little stock of ornaments and wrapping papers and such and was able to pull it all together in a little "road trip from the north pole" theme :) 

I had this wrapping paper (it's Martha Stewart but I picked it up at Homegoods a few years ago and it was in my wrapping paper bin) on hand and it worked out PERFECTLY!

The yellow line throughout it was did it for me :) 

While the taxi stole my heart this little mini bus had to come home with me too....

... as did this red truck (by the way the cat ATE THE TOP OFF THAT TREE in the back overnight).

I had these little animals in ugly sweaters ornaments tucked away and they were the perfect crew to arrive in the vehicles from the North Pole :)

Buddy still had the scissors in his hand from wrapping the presents...

He brought donuts like he has every year...

... blueberries, strawberries...

... and the ingredients for breakfast casserole.

I found these plates at Homegoods a few weeks ago (for $2.99/each I couldn't resist!) and Buddy used them along with our chargers and Halloween napkins and some glitter scrapbook paper from the craft closet to create the place setting.  The glitter letters I had on hand from Pottery Barn.

When I mentioned the Old Navy Christmas PJ sale last month I mentioned that I grabbed these for the kids for next year, but after the whole "theme" came together I ended up using them this year even though they're too big on Mason and G.  #worthit :)

I had all of the glitter grapevine balls from years ago (I've used them for our North Pole breakfast before)...

... and mixed in some vintage ornaments that belonged to my grandparents.

I mean - can you even handle how STINKING CUTE?!?!

Everyone changed into their pjs (I was going to give the boys just the pants to wear with t-shirts but they both wanted to wear the shirt - y'all they're so soft!)...

... and then they opened their ornaments.

Mason got Ranch dressing...

... Griffin got sweet tea...

... and Luke got a golf cart.

Next they opened up their advent calendars...

Which were a huge hit!  The only issue is having to wait to open everything daily. ;)

It was such a special morning and the perfect way to kick off our holiday season.  There are lots of things that aren't going to look the same this year and so it was nice to get to keep this tradition.

HAPPY Wednesday, friends!!!

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  1. I have been waiting for this post!!! I am obsessed with the navy this year!

  2. Always cute! Are griffins pj’s men size?

  3. I love this tradition of yours so much! So very special for your kids (and for you :) Merry Christmas!

  4. Makes me wish my kiddos were small again!! I love it!

  5. I had to laugh because I ended giving my kids “food ornaments” this year too 😂 quarantine food lol -Ours includes avacado toast and take out

  6. How adorable! We did North Pole Breakfast this year too! Inspiration from you, of course! ;)

  7. Super cute as always! I enjoy seeing how you do this every year (that plaid paper made me swoon) xo

  8. You are so creative to come up with this based on a taxi!! Those PJs look so comfy, I want a pair :)

  9. So much magic! My favorite post of the year!

  10. So much fun! I love these posts each year.

  11. Absolutely AHHH-DORABLE. I can't wait to have some grands to do this for!!!

  12. my favorite post of the year!! always so adorable and creative!

  13. I bought my son the Harry Potter Funko pop advent calendar! Really good quality for such tiny little things :) He also want to hope them all NOW, lolol

  14. Love this! Look forward to this post every year!

  15. I love this tradition just as much as my kids. The excitement in their eyes make it worth the stress

  16. What a fun, fun, fun tradition!! I love how creative you are from year to year.

  17. I look forward to this every year! Your themes are THE BEST!


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