Friday, December 18, 2020

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!!!  I'm officially on Christmas break and if you're looking for me over the next couple of weeks I'll be the one doing a puzzle in my pajamas :)  We are so looking forward to time at home and a slower pace and celebrating Christmas with family.  Oh, and sleeping in!

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Griffin had Christmas "showcases" at dance this week and she was PUMPED to get to dress up :) 

She will seize just about any opportunity to wear lipstick!

I. MEAN!  She is OBSESSED with the outfit so if you follow me on IG you'll probably see a lot of it in my stories over the next few weeks :) hahaha

Acro was a little more low key since it's a bit more active and all three performances were PRECIOUS!!!  FAVORITE parts of the week for sure!

Another FAVORITE was getting our Christmas gifts for teachers wrapped and delivered.  This year we did cards and  Lollia hand creams for the female teachers and cards with bags of Trader Joes holiday goodies (and dark chocolate peanut butter cups!) for the guys.

Last weekend we randomly ended up at what turned out to be our FAVORITE Christmas event of the year.  I got an email on Saturday afternoon thanking Luke for volunteering to carry the band banner in a Christmas parade 45 minutes north of McKinney and I was a tad bit annoyed with him ;) hahaha

We made our way to the little town and y'all... it was SUCH A TREAT!!!  Seriously - better than any other parade we've ever been to.  Christmas magic!

We brought Rosie with us and it turns out she really IS bigger than a mini horse :)  There were several in the parade and it was confirmed that she is larger than a small horse. hahaha

The theme was "The Grinch" and every single float was decked OUT. 

Look at the grinch loading presents! 

Such a sweet little night!

Last week I asked my middle schoolers to bring in donations for the McKinney Little Free Pantry and they proved once again why middle school kids are my FAVORITE and ended up bringing in just under 700 cans!  

I went to check on the kids earlier this week before heading to bed and when I walked into Mason's room this is what I saw...

... I snapped the pic and the next morning we all laughed at what they dubbed "space kitty" ;)

Turns out someone else loves festive earrings as much as her mom!  We've just started switching out her original earrings for fun ones and it's her FAVORITE!

Luke and I have had exams and early release days this week and hanging out with him solo has been my FAVORITE part of the week.  Food is the way to his heart and so we've been hitting up some of his FAVORITE spots and it's just been so much fun.  I think what makes it even more enjoyable for Luke is that his siblings are super annoyed by the situation :) 

Rosie's FAVORITE place to be post 8:30 p.m. is right here :) 

I got this picture from Griffin's "2nd Grade Christmas Brunch" earlier this week and I think it's clear that the morning was her FAVORITE :)

HAPPY Friday, friends!!!

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  1. Griffin’s dance recital outfit is too cute!! What a sweet, sweet time together with family! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Merry Christmas!!! Where are Griffin's pink Christmas Tree pajamas from that she wore to the brunch?? They look like Hanna but I cant find them on the website! My daughter would LOVE them.

    1. My granddaughter has them. They are Mini Boden.

    2. Oh, and the lights on the Christmas trees glow in the dark!!

    3. Liz - YES to what Jenny said :) They're Mini Boden and the glow in the dark feature is so much fun!

  3. Hello! First time linking here. I had a Mastiff ni-on identical. Beautiful dogs. Have a wonderful Christmas xx

  4. Have a very merry Christmas with your family!

  5. These pictures are just the sweetest!!!!

  6. Very cute! Where are your hats from? The red and green beanies?

  7. How special to have one-on-one time with Luke! Thanks for inspiring me to be more of a "fun Mom." I really do appreciate all the tips you give! Our elf made a "gingerbread house" last night after reading your review of your elf's work. :)

  8. So cute! Where is Griffin's adorable holly headband from??

  9. Griffin's dance outfit is amazing! Our town canceled the light parade this year and while we don't go often reading your post made me think of it and kind of wish we had been able to go this year.

  10. Oh funnest post! Merry Christmas!

  11. Holy cow. So sweet! Serious people not wear masks in Texas? In Boston we have no gatherings of any kind. Kids are only in school 2 days a week and they are in no way allowed to touch one another. Such different guidelines.


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