Thursday, November 5, 2020

Teen/Tween Gift Guide for Girls

Today I'm sharing a gift guide for teen/tween girls and I am SO EXCITED!!!  

You can click on any of the images to shop or click on the link in the descriptions below.

Sheet masks are fun for everyone and I love this brand.  This would make a great stocking stuffer and would be a great buy to split up for babysitter gifts, etc.

Room decor was high on lots of girls lists including  "color-changing LED lights".  This set can be controlled by your phone (so fun!) or the included remote.

Airpods were HIGH on lots of girls lists and I love mine so I can see why!  If you end up ordering airpods  this is a great case with a clip on it so they can hang it on their backpack or keys.

Air Force 1s were HUGE last Christmas (I remember coming back from break and ALLLLL the kids were wearing them in white) and this year lots of them are asking for them in various colors.  I think this pink/orange pair is DARLING!

Silk scrunchies would make the perfect stocking stuffer - they're great because they don't crease your hair and they help prevent breakage.

"Artsy stuff" was on several lists of girls who I talked to and  this coloring book and  these colored pencils are SO FUN!  I think  this jewelry making set or  this friendship bracelet kit would also make a great gift.

I included  this powerbank because kids are CONSTANTLY asking to plug their phones into my wall plugs at school :) hahahaha  I liked that this one has the little strap as well so they could keep it hooked on inside their backpack but still have access to charge it at night. 

I feel like  a Saranoni blanket is ALWAYS a great gift and I stand by that statement for teens and tween girls as well.  They're pricier than other blankets but the weight and softness is unmatched.  I'm a blanket snob and Saranoni is the way to go!  (PS - if you buy a saranoni NEVER put it in the dryer... just hang it over a chair to dry.  It doesn't take that long and it keeps it soft)

These sunglasses are under $10 and are so much fun!  

TONS of girls said they were asking for  thrive causemetics for Christmas and, honestly, I don't REALLY get the hype.  BUT I do love that  this stick can be used on cheeks and lips and their products have pretty great reviews.

I feel like this age is fun because they're really stuck between child and adulthood and LOTS of middle school girls said that they love  "Squishmallows" which I fully support because Griffin has one and they're the BEST!

Record players are totally a "thing" which cracks me up but they're so cute I can be on board with it :)  This one acts as a bluetooth speaker as well which would make it a fun addition to her room as she grows her vinyl collection.

If you get  a hydroflask for the teenage girl on your list make sure you also grab  a package of fun stickers so she can personalize it.  I also really like  these silicone "boots" you can slip on over the bottom to keep the bottle protected (and a little more quiet when they bang it down on something).

We have  this polaroid printer and LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! It connects to your phone/iPad and I love it because you don't waste the film like you can with an instax where you just have to hope that your photo turns out.  This prints the picture (make sure you turn the brightness on your WAY up before printing) and you know what it's going to look like.  The pictures print out on regular paper but you can peel the back and stick them which is super fun as well!

Lots of girls told me they were asking for  a "beachwaver" this year which is essentially a giant crimper :)  I think there are several pretty expensive models out there but  this one is a really good price and it has great reviews.

This charger/sanitizer is one of my FAVORITE ideas.  You can lay your phone on top of it to wirelessly charge and open it up and put your phone inside it to sanitize it! How awesome (and timely!) is that?!?!

This spinning facial brush is so cute and comes with several different attachments they can switch out for exfoliating and washing.

These little star earrings are dainty and sweet and really special.  They come in several different metals/colorways as well.

I have  this dryer brush and love it so much! It makes drying my hair super fast and I have never been able to get my hair this smooth with a blow dryer before.

The Vanderbeekers is a series that several of my students have said they love and if you have a reader on your hands would be well worth a look into. 

These microfiber headbands are perfect for getting ready in the morning as well as for when they're washing their face or wearing a face mask in the evenings.  They're super stretch and cute and wash well too. 

I LOVE  these bracelets!  Cute and dainty on their own and extra fun as a stack or mixed in with their favorite personalized bracelets.

This request surprised me but  "skincare fridge" was on the Christmas list of almost every girl I walked to.  I can't blame them because I keep several serums and eye patches in my regular kitchen fridge and this would be really fun for them to have on their dresser or bathroom counter.  You could also keep some dark chocolate peanut butter cups in there for emergency purposes :) 

There you have it!  I hope you found some good ideas today and if you have a suggestion I'd love it if you'd leave it in the comments.  

Happy shopping, friends!

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  1. This is an awesome list! I think any tween/teen would be happy with any of these things (and my young adult daughter might like a few of them too!). :)

  2. Your list and my daughter’s list are almost identical. The mini fridge is on all the tween girl list this year.

  3. Thank you! I have a nine year old and there are definitely things on this list she would love. I refer back to your gift guides for all occasions!

  4. HA! The teacher in me loves the idea for the sleeve for water bottles. In this COVID climate in which we are living where each student needs their own water bottle, I have come to realize just how noisy a water bottle can be. And also, how many annoying things a middle school boy can find to do with his water bottle. UGH!

  5. The reviews on the record player you linked to are terrible... doesn't work, bad sound, record rubs against the lid. etc. Just thought you should be aware.

  6. Great list! I needed suggestions for a teen relative.

  7. This list was so helpful! My daughter would love all of these! Any plans on doing a list for young boys? My son is 7 & I need help!


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