Friday, November 6, 2020

Friday Favorites

  Happy Friday, friends!!!    Erika and I are so excited that lots of y'all are linking up with us and if you're linking up with us make sure you grab our graphic, link back to one (or all!) of us and share your own Friday Favorites post.

Last weekend we hung out at my parent's new house which is quickly becoming our FAVORITE place to be...

Chili, perfect weather and a fire?  FAVORITES!

They have 5 acres on a private road and have the sweetest "neighbors" with cows and quails that they invited us over to see.

This building had hundreds of quail in it and as you walked through it they would fly over your head... 

... I grew up spending time on my grandparent's chicken farm and while this is significantly different than barns filled with thousands of baby chicks it was definitely reminiscent of that.

Perfect day to watercolor on the patio...

Griffin LOVES shoes and accessories and always lets me know when something is her FAVORITE and reminds me that we're going to share one day :)  This pair of tennis shoes is her current FAVORITE and she's laid claim to them in a few years. hahaha

While the sunny mornings and dark evenings aren't necessarily all of our FAVORITES the bright mornings do make for easy picture taking before school :)

These cute friends on a dinosaur walk are my FAVORITE!  I still can't get over how old they all look!

Ibuprofen is my FAVORITE :) hahaha

And car naps after a busy day are her FAVORITE...


In one of my classes this week all of my students made an A on a pretty big test and I surprised them the next day with a couple of my FAVORITE flavors of ice cream...

... and cheeseburgers on election night was a FAVORITE ;)

There's a sitewide sale at Sephora right now and I'm stocking up on a few of my FAVORITES including the Moroccanoil heat protect spray and hair oil and the GIANT bum bum cream.  I use the cream every day and it seriously smells SO GLLD!  The scent lasts all day and while I'm not sure it actually has magic firming properties the scent makes it worth it for me.  I'm also grabbing the Olaplex kit to try otu while it's on sale.

And last, but most definitely not least, my nephews on Halloween in their office attire were my FAVORITE!!!  I MEAN! Look at them!

HAPPY Friday friends!!!

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  1. I can see why your parents new place is a favorite; that looks heavenly!

  2. I need to go check out your parents' new house!! And...give me all the Christmas Cookie ice cream please!

  3. Those baby Halloween costumes are the best thing ever!

  4. Your nephews are absolutely ADORABLE! Your parents' new home looks peaceful and fun. Did anyone get bombed by all the quail flying overhead? Maybe that's why Griffin is squatting and covering her head?! Ha ha!

  5. Your parents' new place looks like a place where you and your family will be able to make a lot of good memories. Have a great weekend!

  6. Love it!! Thanks so much for hosting- have a great weekend xx

  7. Very cool and interesting property. I love that! So tired of cookie cutter neighborhoods and houses (I live on one lol).


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