Monday, November 16, 2020

Gift Guide - Girls

This is one of my FAVORITE posts of the season!  Girls gifts are so much fun!

You can click on any of the images to shop or click on the link in the descriptions below.


We LOVE Ooly art products and these switcheroo markers are so much fun!

This set looks soooo pretty on a shelf and ifs perfect if you have a book lover on your hands. 

I've pondered this gift for Griffin for a few years and I think this year I'm going to pull the trigger on it.  She LOVES to play music and is constantly taking the iPad up to her room to listen to music and I think that this would be so much fun for her!

This bag lasts FOREVER and comes in a ton of great colors.  We love that it zips all the way to the bottom and I think with a notebook and some markers and stickers in it it would be such a cute (and practical) gift.

This bracelet kit is colorful and comes in a cute bag and is right up Griffin's alley.

Griffin is asking for all American Girl doll things for Christmas.  Dolls, accessories, clothes, etc.  

This is one of my favorite things to gift to elementary school aged girls.  It can change your voice, connect to a phone and act as a speaker and holds charge forever!

This is such a sweet little series for early-elementary aged girls.

These little mice are toys that Griffin reaches for over and over again.  They're heirloom quality and she likes to take a couple of them in her purse when we go to church, dinner, etc.

Griffin got a really sweet banana seat bike a couple of years ago but when she needs a larger bike I think that these cruisers are SO MUCH FUN!

These books are so much fun and the perfect no-mess craft time.  The pictures turn out so pretty and it's great hand-eye coordination practice as well.

We're huge OSMO fans - the integration of screens and hands on learning can't be beat and this new game looks like it would be perfect for early elementary.

I feel like "rainbow plush" says it all :)  Plus, it's Jellycat brand which are the softest plush toys you can get!

Such a cute idea!  Perfect for your little artists!

Griffin would FLIP for these sequin UGGS :) She wears her glitter UGGS from last year constantly and tif you buy up a size (or two!) they'll last for at least two seasons.

This purse is half off right now and the sequin-fill is so fun!

I'm not sure anything says little girls Christmas like a set of Lip Smackers :)  This set has 24 flavors and would be perfect paired with the little sequin heart purse.

Mudpuppy puzzles are Griffin's favorites and they couldn't be cuter.  The 500 piece ones are manageable for kids to do on their own and we've given this one as a gift several times.

I've heard great things about these kits and this one looks perfect for kids!

We made red, white and blue friendship pins last summer and had a blast and this kit has everything G would need to make more for her own backpack and for friends as well.

Qwirkle is one of our Top 10 family games and is perfect for kids of various ages.

Griffin got this ice cream truck from her grandparents for her birthday and it was a HUGE hit!  The price point is great and it comes with one million accessories (which is great and a pain hahaha)

Light boards are so much fun for tracing and learning to draw.  My kids love tracing pictures out of books and making them into their own pictures and cards.

Griffin LOVES to bake and I know she would be all about this cake pop maker.  It has great reviews and makes me feel brave about letting her do the melting chocolate and sprinkles :) 

I'd love to know any other ideas y'all have for the girls on your lists!

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  1. great list! Do you have the link for the ice cream truck?

  2. Such a great list! Thank you for putting it together!

  3. Great list!! My daughters (7 and 9) are all about Klutz craft kits!

  4. Great list! I'm 51 and would like a few of those things myself. LOL! :)

  5. Such a great list! I have a little girl and this gave me some great ideas for her!!


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