Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Three Things

Griffin would eat deviled eggs morning, noon and night :) I hadn't made them in YEARS and then I made some for Luke's Harry Potter birthday dinner and she was hooked!  
Oh, we're grilling burgers??? Let's make deviled eggs.  
Spaghetti for dinner?  Deviled eggs would go well with that!
Snack for school? Throw some deviled eggs in there, mom!

Griffin has outgrown all of her jeans so I ordered her a few cute pairs to that are more of a straight/wide leg with a cropped raw hem and she panicked because they were "floppy on her legs" :)  They took some getting used to because the only jeans she's really worn have been jeggings but the floppy comment cracked us up!

This girl has some serious Christmas spirit and she's been ITCHING to get her room all decorated and ready for Christmas.  We pulled out some Christmas outfits, put out her Christmas houses and got her Christmas sheets all ready and she is OVER THE MOON!!!

Mason has had a sweet tooth since VERY early on.  His first solid food was apple pie at around 4 months old (you might be a second child if...) and Mason ALWAYS has room for dessert!  I feel like I have a pretty large repertoire of desserts up my sleeve but his number one request is always what he has dubbed my "bomb dot com chocolate chip cookies".

- DR POL -
Mason discovered the show The Incredible Dr. Pol and he has a love/hate relationship with it.  He LOVES all things animals and thinks Dr. Pol is the greatest (which makes me smile since I've talked before about how much Dr. Pol reminds me of my Opa who my kids never got to meet) BUT he's completely grossed out by about 75% of what happens on the show. hahaha  "MOM!!! He had his hand INSIDE the cows hiney!!!"  His face is half awe and half horrified and it's the best.

Football ended a couple of weeks ago and Mason has asked us DAILY when football starts again.  Basketball starts this week and I'm hoping that fills in the football-sized hole in his little heart :) 

Luke loooooves a meatball sub.  He actually loves anything with marinara sauce but a sub is his number one choice.  He requests them weekly and his favorite restaurant to go out to eat at is Sicily's because they make a killer meatball sub.

My FAVORITE Halloween candy are caramel apple pops and I buy myself a bag (or two) to enjoy between Halloween and Christmas during my afternoon planning periods.  WELLL.... Luke has decided that he likes them too and now he pops into my classroom after school to say hi, give me a hug and take one of my lollipops!  I tried saying no but that dimple (and the hug) get me every time.

Y'all.  Luke's feet are officially bigger than mine which is blowing my mind a little bit.  We were at my parents place and he had outgrown his rubber boots so I offered up my Hunters and he couldn't get them on!  He wore them not that long ago when we were out there and it's blowing my mind how fast he's growing!

We took Rosie to the dog park the week before last and it was AWFUL! She's a HUGE baby and she was completely freaked out by the literal pack of dogs that chased her into a corner.  It was so sad!!!  We know lots of neighborhood dogs that she's social with and does fine around but the sheer amount of dogs at the park was just too much for her!  POOR THING!

We have family pictures tonight and the kids REALLY want to include the dogs.   I'm not sure if we'll be able to make it work logistically but I'm tempted to try.  We'll see!

The countdown to Thanksgiving break is on and MAMA IS READY!  This year has been a doozy and I'm pumped for a week without virtual teaching, grading, etc.  All I want to do is sleep in, play games with the kids, do puzzles and drink hot tea.  The end!



  1. My 11 year old's feet are the same size as mine and I was not ready for it at all :(

  2. You always find the perfect ornaments for your kids! Love them. Do you have Firehouse Subs in McKinney? They make a good meatball sub. :)

  3. The deviled egg ornament is hilarious! I'm with Griffin, they are so good! And actually pretty easy to make =)
    Can't wait to see your family pictures, and I hope you can make it work for the dogs to be in them =)

  4. Yum! Sicilys...they do have a good meatball sub and there pizza was life through our first quarantine!

  5. You deserve all the sleep and hot tea!!

  6. I love all these posts! I'm guessing they'll be some of your favorites to look back on. Those ornaments are adorable. I'm with G - deviled eggs are the best! My daughter is 7 and I'm guessing she'd love some floppy jeans. Do you have a favorite brand or store to recommend for them?

  7. Yep, all 3 of my boys have much bigger feet than mine! Love their favorite food ornaments; they're so cute. All our sports have been suspended up here until at least mid- January and we never had football this fall to begin with. :(

  8. My 8-year old's feet are the same size as mine now! It's happening so fast! I love looking at these posts and you share such awesome ideas that inspire me to do similar things with my own kids!

  9. Dr. Pol is the best. One of my very favorite shows!

  10. How do you make Luke’s fav meatball subs?

  11. How do you make Luke’s fav meatball subs?


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