Monday, October 12, 2020

Weekend Top 10

HAPPY Monday, y'all!  This weekend FLEW by but was packed with fun stuff! Here's my Top 10 from the weekend in no particular order...

A cart full of pumpkins and a trunk full of mums.  ONE HAPPY MAMA!

Hand enjoyed his morning pick-me-up out on the patio.

I don't know why but this picture cracks me up so much.  They were watching the Cowboys game and I was just tickled at both of them.

We went to Bingo night on Saturday and Mason continued his "no-bingos streak".  We've seriously played probably 100 rounds of Bingo at the school over the years and he's never ever won.  We still had a blast and we DID with the drawing at the end of a leftover pizza so it wasn't a total loss :) hahaha

Mason has to bring leaves to school this week and he had so much fun gathering different sizes, shapes and colors.

Last week was a doozy and I had the sleeping kids to prove it.  They made it through our Sonic slush run and fell asleep during grocery pickup.  JEALOUS!!!

Saturday morning I was grabbing a few things at the grocery store and these two were perusing the Halloween aisle and when I turned around I saw this....

Mason, Griffin and I worked on a special project yesterday and it turned out SO CUTE!!!  I can't wait to show you!

Mason had two football games this weekend and a mom sent out an email asking if any of the girls wanted to come and cheer.  They each got to lead cheers on the sideline and they even attempted some stunting and performed their homecoming dance during halftime.  SO CUTE!

We ended the weekend on this note...

... little battery operated candles had us rolling!

I hope that y'all had the best weekend!  HAPPY MONDAY!


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