Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Rainbow Pumpkin Planter Project

I saw a porch full of rainbow-painted pumpkins on IG the other day and fell in LOVE!  Now, rainbow pumpkins don't really fit in at my house BUT rainbow pumpkins fit right in at my classroom.  I hauled an extra concrete planter out of the backyard and picked up some pumpkins on a grocery run and we were in business!

We pulled some rainbow paints out of my stash and then arranged the pumpkins kind how we thought they'd  go and then figured out which colors we'd need to paint the larger pumpkins (the small ones didn't really matter).

The process was really simple... just keep painting :)  Some of the pumpkins took 3 or so coats of paint and perfection wasn't necessarily the goal :)  We used a gold metallic on the stems which I think really made the project.

After that we just let everything dry and that was it!  I would like to spray them with a clear sealer but I didn't have any on hand this weekend so I'll have to take care of that later this week.

This was really fun and really simple a project that the kids could easily help with.

And look how cute it is outside of my door!  Lots of my middle schoolers commented on the rainbow pumpkins and I heard lots of "oohs and aaahs" from elementary students on their way to and from the library yesterday :) 

And my purslane even decided to bloom again just for the occasion :) 

If you decide to paint some rainbow pumpkins this season I'd love to see!  Send me a pic or tag me!

HAPPY Tuesday, friends!!!


  1. Gorgeous! My kinders would love that!

  2. Super cute! It brightens up your classroom and I'm sure the kids love it!

  3. Love! Love! Love! Those are so pretty!

  4. I love that you put this outside your classroom the Monday after National Coming Out Day. I'd imagine that for those students who needed to feel seen even if they're not ready to come out, this was a welcome sight.


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