Thursday, September 10, 2020

Seven Questions

It varies day by day depending on my tutoring schedule and sports for the kids, but generally we get home around 4:30 and they take the dogs out first thing and then they...

- unload their backpacks... backpacks stay in the garage but papers and lunchboxes come in for cleaning/sorting
- Yumboxes/lunch containers go straight into the sink
- Uniforms go straight into the washing machine

We try to knock out homework pretty quickly after getting home.  Generally they'll work at the kitchen table while I wash out lunch containers, get dinner started, sort papers, start laundry etc.  They will also work on homework at ESS after school (extended school supervision) which leaves spelling practice, Bible memory, etc. for at home and it's usually not a lot.  Luke manages his own homework/time and he pretty much always chooses to get it done right away and with everyone at the table as well.

Mason will try to put off doing homework (Mason is me as a kid), but getting him to do it later is zero fun so we all just power through and then everyone is glad when it's over :) 

After homework time they'll generally play/hangout before dinner and then we'll eat, get things ready for the next day (pack lunches, pack backpacks, lay out stuff for after school activities, etc.), have some screen time and then we do  family reading time and then bed.

I try to do  "day in the life" posts fairly often so you can check out a couple of those for more details and pics.

Ooooh! Fun question!!!

Obviously our family has an affinity for Whataburger...

... but I'm also totally down for a chicken sandwich (original, not grilled) from Chick-Fil-A, a mexi dip and chips from Taco Bueno and, if I'm being totally honest, wouldn't turn down a Bic Mac in a pinch.

Is Zoe's kitchen considered fast food?  If so add that to the list.  Same with Jimmy Johns (Turkey Tom with provolone all day, baby!).  

Now I'm hungry :)

I am cracking up at the thought of  Dave being a nurse because as much as he loves people he does NOT LOVE medical stuff in the least!  I am for sure the "medic" at our house and Dave will generally do a "wait for mom" if it's anything more involved than a skinned knee. 

Dave is the Service Director for a country club which means he's in charge of the food, beverage and service side of the restaurants, snack bars, golf course and then private events like weddings, meetings, etc.  He works crazy hours some week and there are days his Fitbit looks like this...

... yes, that's for REAL!  Look at the stairs.... he says the elevator is too slow :)  But he really loves the variety and flexibility his job offers and Dave was MADE for the service industry.  He is great at his job and really loves what he does.  (PS - this pic is a couple of years old and I've shared it before but it never ceases to amaze me! hahaha)

I LOVE  these sets of three masks.  They're breathable, comfy and NOT HOT!  They're $13 for three and are the ones I'm constantly reaching for over my others.  I wash mine by hand and they still look great after lots and lots of wears.

You and me both, sister!!!  The "two-week project" that we started back in June is STILL not done.  (insert face palm emoji here)

We're thankful that the work that's been done has been beautiful but GETTING IT DONE has been a pain in the rear.  I'm praying that the rain clears up this week and they can wrap up the patio soon because I'm SO READY to have our yard back in one piece!

We're so grateful that we have been able to use the pool since about July 4th but I'm anxious to have it all wrapped up and as soon as it is I'll be sure to share all the details!  In the meantime here's a random picture of the project in progress. hahaha

I love the Original size... which is the larger of the two.  There is an original and a baby bogg and while I do love the baby I just feel like the original size works better for me because I like to haul a TON OF STUFF around with me :)  I use these when we pack for road trips, use them as my "teacher bag", use them to organized things that we use for after school activities, use them when I grocery shop, the list just goes on and on.  I love that they don't tip over, that you can wipe them down and that they can haul pretty much anything.  

I almost hate talking about them since they sell out every summer but keep your eyes peeled this Fall/Winter and grab one when you can because even though they're marketed as "beach bags" I use mine year round.

Momfessionals: 7 Questions

This is the sweetest question!!!  I definitely feel like things are "simmering" just a bit :)  The dust is settling from the first couple of weeks, I have a routine down and don't feel like I'm treading water quite as much anymore.  Teaching online and in-person classes AND flipping my classroom this year has meant no "flying by the seat of my pants" days (which I had gotten REALLY good at over 14 years in the classroom) and there is a TON of prep involved.  I've put in some really long evening and weekend hours to try and get ahead in planning and prep and got myself to a good place where I feel like I'm always working on things 1-2 weeks out which is my favorite way to be.

The initial "stress" about all the new policies and procedures has also lessened.  I'm in much more of a routine when it comes to sanitizing my classroom (and myself! hahaha), the students have all been fantastically compliant and all the "new" things seem like second nature at this point.  I am so grateful to be back in my classroom WITH my students and this year is shaping up to be one of my favorites.

Happy Thursday, friends!!!

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  1. Fun post! And 51,000 steps makes me want to go to back to bed right now. Dave is a MACHINE!!!!

  2. I'm so glad you shared your thoughts on teaching in the classroom & online. I'm doing the same & this is my 3rd day back so I'm glad to see that it'll get easier as time goes on!

  3. I don't even know how 51,000 steps in a day is possible!

  4. Why do I love these so much?! And listen, Dave would be the MOST empathetic and service driven RN out there. I have zero doubts!

  5. I hate to admit it but a Big Mac is a definite favorite of mine along with a Turkey Tom!! I cannot even believe the amount of steps or miles Dave puts in at work. That's insane. So happy to hear you're getting a rhythm back at school.

  6. You turned me onto Zoe's Kitchen! Unfortunately, I live in Wisconsin and there aren't any here, but when my husband and I went to Florida to visit my aunt, we ate at one in Orlando and it was AWESOME! We loved how fresh everything was and overall amazing! We are waiting to plan another trip and I can't wait to have more Zoe's!

  7. Somehow I always miss when you ask for questions for these posts!!! I have read your blog for a long time and have your "quiet time" sessions in my back pocket for my little boy (and God-willing future kids!) when he gets a little older. At what age did you start the quiet time hour with yours? Would they actually stay in their rooms at first?

  8. Have you ever looked at the Maria Victoria bags? They seem like they would be right up your alley!

  9. The FitBit stats are insane. Go Dave!

  10. I used the Mad Minute worksheets in my first year of teaching - 1979-1980. I never used them after that because of the undue pressure put on kids. Of course I wanted my students to know their facts with automaticity, but there are other ways to accomplish that. I can’t believe those worksheets are still around. Poor Mason!


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