Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Cozying Up the house for Fall

Typically I jump straight into Halloween decorating at the end of September and save the pumpkin decor for the month of November. Well... this year I got bit by the decorating bug and broke out the pumpkins early and I am SO GLAD I did!  I left the oranges and yellows for Thanksgiving and just pulled out the creams, blues and grays and love how it turned out.  Festive, but not overly "fall"

In the family room I added a couple of plush pumpkins (Homegoods finds a couple of years ago) to the bottom shelf and  a rattan pumpkin and  acorn to the top of the console table.

The mirrored tray was an Amazon find.

In the family room I added the felt garlands (Homegoods a few years ago) to the mantle...

... and some pumpkins to the alcove.

The tiered stand (which holds remotes and coasters in the top) got a pumpkin and  BEST FALL CANDLE EVER!!!

In the dining room I put a couple more acorns with a few velvet pumpkins that I found at Market Street years ago.

And another pumpkin...

In the living room I added a couple of pumpkins to the book case...

And in the kitchen a couple of these blue/gray pumpkins that I felt like coordinated with the garland on the mantle. 

And yes.... there's a cute little pumpkin in the laundry room :)
(along with a plant that I'm desperately trying to nurse back to health - I just can't give up on them until they're REALLY gone!)


Upstairs there area a few felt pumpkins on the bookshelf and end table...

... and the same kind of garland as what's downstairs.

And last, but not least... a few little cuties in G's room because this girl loves pumpkins as much as her mama :)

So here's my encouragement - if pumpkins and acorns and fall colors bring you joy GET THEM OUT!  Make that apple crisp, light that candle... ENJOY!!!  Happy (kind of) Fall, y'all!!!

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  1. Andrea!!! Everything looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! It's positively perfect!

  2. I love all the neutral pumpkin décor. I decorated with pumpkins this weekend as well.

  3. Everything is so cute (especially that rattan pumpkin-SWOON) and I totally agree about celebrating and decorating for fall. Especially this year, I want the house to feel extra cozy.

  4. So cute! You've inspired me to decorate!

  5. I always love how you decorate - for holidays/seasons and just anytime. I normally wait until later to start decorating for Fall, but I decided this year to go for it early! It makes me happy to see all the Fall things out and I think we can all use ANYTHING to make us happy with all that is going on in the world. I did decide to wait a little longer to get my real pumpkins and mums, but not sure how long I can make it! :)

  6. What a unique collection of pumpkins! Love them all!

  7. You have such a knack for decorating- always just enough, without getting to kitschy- but your plants steal the show for me, every time. I think it might be your super power!

  8. I'm intrigued by the art in your dining room, the one behind the table. Did you make that? It's so cool. I love how you decorate, your home looks so cozy. :)

  9. Where did you find the acorns? I'm seeing them more this year. I picked up some at Hobby Lobby this year.

  10. This is perfection! You have given me inspiration. I never know how to decorate for September because I feel like its too early for Halloween and orange pumpkins but this is exactly what I need to do. Love it!

  11. It was so dark and chilly this morning here in Minnesota that I briefly contemplated getting out the Christmas decor. haha.

  12. So beautiful! I just want to come sit in your house with a cup of coffee and soak in all the cozy fall decor! :)

  13. I think this might be my favorite post of all of your decorations yet! It's all so pretty. And I get the plant saving thing- we left our older teenage son home for several days and he forgot to water my plants! My dear maidenhair fern looks so pitiful. I'm not giving up on her yet though! My husband actually tried to throw her out sad! ;)

  14. It looks great, one question though, what is this "overly fall" you speak of? Never heard of it. :)

  15. I love your style so much and look forward to seeing how to set everything up for season/holiday. I agree, if it makes you happy, get it out when you want. I have gotten my stuff out as well as we were in a remodeling/addition mess end of last summer through spring, so I am so excited to see my stuff out again and in a new way. Question... I saw the command hooks on your mantel for the garlands and banners. I have a new wood mantel and I wasn't sure how to secure stuff on it. Do you just leave the hooks up year around and if they are not covered up by decorations you just ignore it? Trying not to mess up the new mantel but I would like for things to be somewhat secured when I hang them. Any advice is appreciated.


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