Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Halloween and Fall Books

Happy Wednesday, friends! Today I'm sharing  a few new Halloween books we've added to our shelf along with some old favorites...

First up is my very favorite favorite -  Gustavo the Shy Ghost! 

This was a new find this year and it is seriously the most precious book.  The illustrations are awesome...

... and the story is beyond sweet.  LOVE IT SO MUCH!

And look how cute the cover is without the dust jacket :) 

The Little Kitten was another new addition this year and it's Griffin's favorite pick.

Ollie has to help a lost kitten find her way home and a cute little adventure ensues.

I love the black, white and orange illustrations and it's hard to tell from my photos but there are metallic touches as well which is fun.

This book is especially great if you have a kitty lover at your house!

100% honest - I picked up One Black Cat because of how unique and fun it looked.  The book itself is really short (although beautifully illustrated) and I really would't recommend it for toddlers because it's kind of fragile but ALL THAT SAID it's an  unexpected find that is really really cute on a bookshelf.

I picked up a few books for a gift and thought I'd share those as well in case you have a younger crowd at your house.  

Who Goes Boo? is SO MUCH FUN!  Lots of opportunity for fun noises and the illustrations are bold and fun.

I was SO EXCITED about  Pop-Up Peekaboo Pumpkin... it is probably the most well made pop up book I've ever purchased.  It's absolutely wonderful!

I've always been a big DK fan and this was no exception...

... the pop ups are large and work really well and this would make a great addition to your bookshelf if you have babies/toddlers at home.

So those are our new additions to our bookshelf this Fall and now here are a few past recommendations...

I adore the illustrations in this book and it's the perfect book for September.  

I seriously want the illustrations framed in our game room. LOVE THEM!

This book shows the chain of events that lead from an acorn to a forest...

... and again with those gorgeous illustrations.

The back of the book talked about the importance of taking care of the environment and gave some easy and practical ways that kids (and families) can help.

Hello, Fall!  was an obvious pick simply based on the cover alone :) 

It's packed full of #allthefallthings ;)  and if reading this doesn't make you happy I'm not sure what will.

I mean... there are twinkle lights strung in the trees, gorgeous Fall leaves, a basket of apples and pumpkins.  The end.  

Bonaparte Falls Apart is SO CUTE!!! 

Bonaparte is a skeleton who is literally falling apart and his friends come to his rescue to help hold himself together for the first day of school.

Skeleton Hiccups is Mason's FAVORITE Fall book.  It's silly and funny and he laughs every time we read it.  If you have an early reader this would be a great choice - Mason has experienced a LOT of success reading this to his siblings before bed because the text is simple and brief on each page.

The Scariest Book Ever is clever, has darling illustrations and will make you laugh out loud as you read.

Creepy Carrots was a library checkout that we had to add to our personal collection...

Jasper loves carrots TOO much and my kids think this book is hilarious.

While my kids are getting a little bit big for board books I couldn't resist The Ugly Pumpkin. 

He waits through October for someone to take him home but nobody does and at the end of the book he realizes...

... he's a squash.  SO CUTE!

Thanksgiving in the Woods  gives me ALLLLL the Fall feels.

It's based on the story of an actual NY family who hosted an outdoor Thanksgiving for their family every year and y'all... I want to be part of their family!

Balloons Over Broadway gives insight into the life and work of the puppeteer who started the tradition of the balloons in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. 

This book has beautiful illustrations and a great story but still has lots of fun facts and great information.

I'm excited for our kids to have some of this background knowledge before we watch the parade this year.

And here are some of my Halloween FAVES I shared last year...

Room on the Broom
 is a Halloween staple in our house.  It's such a sweet little story and it always generates lots of laughs.

B is for Boo is a recent find and I can't get enough of the vintage vibe.

The illustrations are incredibly fun and retro and Griffin likes that she can "read" it to her brothers.

Not only does this book have precious illustrations and a great message about pursuing your dreams - but the show JUST came out on Disney Jr so my kids are all about it even more.

I love a fold-out page and this one didn't disappoint...

This book is written as a how-to and has the BEST ending.  The illustrations are great and my kids ask for this one almost nightly.

Do you have any favorite Fall books at your house?  If so I'd love to know!  

Happy Wednesday, friends!!!

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  1. Little Blue Truck Halloween is a favorite of ours along with Bernstein Bears and Courderoy!

  2. Children's books are my favorite! We added Balloons over Broadway at your suggestion a few years ago to commemorate the year we went to see the parade in person. Now it's a special reminder when we get it out each Thanksgiving! Thanks for sharing

  3. Your children's book posts are one of my favorites! I have purchased many of your recommendations over the years!

  4. Thank you so much for this post! My son is four and just getting into real story books. I was at a loss over what to get for Halloween/Fall. Really appreciate the different age levels and book styles that you highlighted as well.

  5. This list is amazing!! I always get the best book recommendations from you!

  6. We just added several of these to our library requests online. Thanks so much for always sharing great books that my kids seem to love as much as yours!

  7. Love your children's book recommendations! I picked a few for my granddaughters. :)

  8. Such a great list indeed! I love the idea of The Ugly Pumpkin.

  9. Balloons over Broadway! Love it. I work with high school students who want to be teachers. We are all about BOB and Room on the Broom! So fun!

  10. My son is only 11m and I cant wait for him to *hopefully* enjoy reading and me reading to him! I want to go out and purchase some of these. Keep the book suggestions coming!!

  11. My son is only 11m and I cant wait for him to *hopefully* enjoy reading and me reading to him! I want to go out and purchase some of these. Keep the book suggestions coming!!

  12. Not a Halloween book or anything but it made me think of your "Office" bday party blog post as I just saw this new-ish children's book release on Amazon: "The Office: A Day at Dunder Mifflin Elementary"


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