Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Day In the Life

Happy Tuesday, friends!  Now that we're getting back in the swing of things I thought I'd chronicle a day in our life and share.  Last Thursday was the day and it started off well with this excellent screenshot :)  But that about sums up how well I function in the morning. 

A quick shower and then time to get going on my hair.  I am obviously a fan of Moroccanoil... I use  the oil treatment (just a pump or two, focusing on my ends), then spray with  the perfect defense heat protectant and then use  the root boost.    I'm obviously a big fan!

I also put on some age renewal serum and sheer renewal cream before I started blow drying my hair.

Hair was dry, bathroom was a mess.  The kids were up at this point and they were getting dressed and eating breakfast.

I decided to go ahead and curl my hair (this makes my hair last so much longer between washes) and since it only takes me less than 10 minutes it's worth it to save so much time the next couple of mornings.  

My makeup routine is simple which helps with keeping me on time in the mornings... eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and some eye cream.

Dressed, makeup done and hair curled.  Then it was time to get the kids hair done and get going!  

(sidenote - I use my flat iron to curl my hair and after I curl it I spray it with  this texture spray and just leave the curls alone.  They fall out naturally on their own and usually before I get out of the car at school I'll kind of run my fingers through them and they're not nearly as aggressive)

One of my favorite "throw on and go" dresses.  It's fun with all different shoes, is comfortable and is just EASY!

We were in the car and ready to go before 7 - I had temperature check duty that morning and wanted to make sure I had time to get my classroom ready to go before having to head out to carpool.

Early risers ready to hang out with their friends for a few extra minutes before school.

Loaded down and ready to start my day.

I got my classroom ready for the morning and headed out to the carpool line...
... to do temperature checks and pass out wristbands.  We're temperature checking students on their way into school and giving them a wristband indicating that they're fever free and teachers rotate this morning duty during the week.  

Temperature check duty ended about 7:35 which gave me enough time to use the restroom, head back to my classroom and snap this pic to show y'all that the humidity took care of those curls from earlier :) hahaha  Ready to start my marathon of teaching!  In years past I've always had one of my planning periods mid-day and this year I'm teaching 6 classes back-to-back and my plannings are both at the end of the day.

My first two classes are Math 7 and we went over their homework and then I got them started on a practice test.  Music was on, the door was open and I used this time to walk around and monitor their progress, reteach individually as I saw them working and had a few minutes to finish grading a test from the previous day while they worked.

I've mentioned this before but I'm a BIG FAN of stickers... even for middle schoolers :)  They've kind of become a "thing" in my class and I'm always on the hunt for fun new ones.

As my second Math 7 class was wrapping up I got my supplies ready for my next two Algebra 1 classes.  Notes, a guided practice assignment and a quick QR code activity to check for understanding on the previous day's lesson.

In between 2nd and 3rd periods we have an extended passing period (15 minutes) to give kids a chance to stretch a bit, have a snack and socialize.  I grabbed my tea and my breakfast and headed to the work room...

... to pick up a bunch of copies and scan in a stack of graded papers for my virtual students.

I taught two Algebra classes and then a Pre-Algebra class and managed to prep a quick section of Algebra notes somewhere in there.  

The lunch bell rang and I headed to the work room to heat up some chicken and make some copies because #multitasking :) 

I have lunch duty twice a week and sometimes on non-duty days I'll still go up to the lunch room to eat but on other days I'll try to get some things done at my desk while I eat.

After lunch I taught another Pre-Algebra class and while they were taking a quiz I finished up an Algebra assignment and made sure my ZOOM call was ready to go for my virtual Pre-Algebra students. 

Class got out, I made a quick stop to fill up my water bottle and then I had a ZOOM call with my virtual Pre-Algebra class for about 45 minutes.

After my ZOOM call I spent the next two hours or so grading papers, making sure I had everything ready for Friday, filming lesson videos for upcoming classes and uploading lessons and notes.

My to-do-lists have been pretty out of control lately but there is SO MUCH to keep organized and prepped with teaching both online and in-person and they help keep the huge mess of tasks in my brain in order.  I'm trying to work a week ahead and so this was a big list I  made on Monday of everything I wanted to get done this week to be prepped for the following week.

I also sprayed down my tables, chairs, door handle, etc. for the last time of the day - we do this in between every class and then our rooms are sprayed with an even stronger chemical on Friday afternoons.

I told myself I had to leave at 4:00 (and leave school stuff at school)... it had been a busy week and I was wiped and I knew that we just needed a night to be at home.

Pretty much ON THE DOT! :)

I grabbed the kids from ESS (our after school supervision program) and Luke from the library where he was reading and we haded home.

Home!!!  Luke took Rosie for a quick walk...

... while Mason and Griffin emptied backpacks, changed out of their uniforms and got out their homework folders.  I always fill up a sink of hot soapy water for them to throw their lunch containers in and then it's ready for when I have dinner prep dishes as well.

Griffin and Rosie snuggled...

.... while I prepped meatloaf and got it in the oven. BEFORE FIVE O'CLOCK!  SCORE!

The kids worked on some homework (Griffin always has reading on her list and reading to her brothers is the perfect way to knock it out)...

... while I changed into "cozies"...

... rescued a Barbie from Rosie...

... and snapped this picture :) 

After all homework was done and the dishwasher was empty the kids all had some iPad time...

.... and then their Kiwi crates arrived on our doorstep.

They worked on their crates while I worked on uploading the videos that I filmed earlier at school...

... brushed Rosie, started a load of laundry..

.... and got dinner out of the oven.  It looks a little rough but it was SO GOOD!

The kids and I ate dinner, we walked the dogs, they all showered and got ready for bed, finished up their kiwi crates...

... and then it was reading time.  Dave got home from work while we were reading and he got everyone tucked in (PRAISE HANDS!).  This was about 8:45 which is a pretty normal bedtime for a weeknight.  Luke will generally stay up reading and Griffin often falls asleep during reading time :)

While Dave got the kids tucked in I changed into pajamas, washed my face, put on my night serum and moisturizer, made a cup of tea and sat down on the computer to finish up my Friday Favorites post.  I also started the Roomba and watered my indoor plants.

I blogged, answered a few school emails, worked on scheduling Google classroom posts, painted my nails (the secret is the  fast-drying top coat!) and watched an episode of (UN)Well on Netflix.  While I was doing that Dave packed up the kids lunches for the following day and moved laundry that I had started earlier to the dryer.

I was in bed by about 11:00, did some of my Bible reading and attempted to read my book for a bit as well but I crashed pretty quickly.

WHEW!!!  It seems like a lot when you type it all out like that!  I hope y'all enjoyed this peek into my day :)  HAPPY Tuesday!

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  1. Ok, that IS a lot. Just those checklists you have for yourself - not only the time doing them, but creating them, and then execution. People just.don’t.understand. You are a ROCKSTAR and my kind of mama....keep those kids busy, creating, doing chores, and reading. It takes a lot of effort on your end (I would have crashed by 4 pm) but those energetic young genes are not wasted on you!!! Thank you for sharing your life with us :)

  2. Rosie is HUGE. The time is coming to say 'good-bye' to my daughter's. He is the best boy..........

  3. GIRL, I'm a very organized and productive type person. I get a ton done in a day. But you are a rock star. You go way way out of your way to do quality things in all you do. I've appreciated that in you, as I have been a faithful blog reader of yours for YEARS. You take care of yourself and try to do self care (I know that part is hard; fitting it in with such a busy life) and time with Jesus. Great job. This was amazing to read. I'd love more day in the life posts. What a fun teacher you are.

  4. Oh my goodness! You are truly amazing, I LOVE reading these posts and am exhausted just reading about your day! I don't know how you do it!!

    Lisa's Two Cents

  5. You are so stinkin organized...it's unreal. I want to be more like you!! Seriously, the picture with Mason and Rosie gets me every single time. I always enjoy reading your Day in the Life posts...thanks for sharing!!

  6. you are one cutie patootie! I am exhausted!!!

  7. Enjoyed your day in the life. You are amazing! My daughter is in middle school this year - wish you could be her teacher! (loved your striped pajamas)

  8. You are amazing! I truly admire you and you make me a better peson.

  9. I wish I had your energy! What color is your polish? It looks like a gray? Love it.

  10. Still in awe of teachers teaching both in person and virtually (my husband included). I am teaching K in person. In my district our academic coaches are the virtual teachers--not sure about middle and HS, but K-6 they each have about 50 students. You are a rock star!

  11. Wow! You are an inspiration! My kids are grown but you make me wish I could go back and do so many things better, lol!

  12. That does sound like a lot! But my day usually does too when I write it all out and yet rarely feels like much beyond normal to me.

  13. Wow! We need a whole post on life organization tips!

  14. Seeing this makes me realize how much I've learned from you! (And also how much you do in a day...amazing!!!)

  15. Ok, speaking of stickers...it's driving me crazy that I cant make out what the sticker on your tablet (kindle? palm pilot?) says - the one above the stanley sticker?

  16. Love a Day in the Life posts...my favorite!!

  17. Your teaching load is HUGE!!! I can't imagine teaching in person AND online! That's amazing! Great job on being so organized!!! I sure hope nobody gets COVID in your school!!!

  18. Wow! That is a full day. I bow down to teachers....and have actually gotten used to working from home most of my days. I’m lucky, my youngest is in college!


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