Monday, August 17, 2020

Weekend Top 10

Dave took Luke to pick out his first set of drum sticks!  Luke picked band as his elective and percussion as his instrument and he and Dave are both over the moon.  I see MANY MANY MANY more trips here in their futures.  Dave is NOT one to spend money but he came home talking about why he felt like a snare drum was a good purchase idea :)  I love percussion as well so I'm totally on board with that!

We laughed that this weekend Rosie went from a baby to an adult overnight.  I'm sorry - where did my 5-month old puppy go?

10 p.m. Jeep cruise with one of my teacher friends husbands?  Why not.  Mason is holding onto the bar in the back and he said it was the "best ride EVER!"  Thanks BOGO, Mike!

This sums up a LOT of my weekend.  Prepping, prepping and then a little more prepping. 

And if I wasn't filming/uploading I was grading/organizing.  This year feels so much like my first year... except I didn't have 3 kids, 4 pets and essentially a second job back then.  I was also only teaching in-person.  Thank the LORD for caffeine and a cute teaching assistant.

In Gary Patterson news she's going through a shed right now which is always exciting.  If reptiles gross you out then for SURE don't zoom in on the giant piece of shed hanging from her belly.  She's been getting lots of baths to help the process along and I'd be lying if I didn't think it was pretty fascinating as well.

I spent some time in the kitchen this weekend and made my  mini apple spice cupcakes because it's August and we needed some apple spice in our lives.  These are the perfect "bite size" treat and are seriously so easy to make.

Did I mention that Rosie got huge this weekend?!?!?!

Griffin has been VERY independent about picking out her outfits and was extra proud of this Sunday night ensemble.  I think she looks adorable regardless of what she's wearing but it's definitely fun to see her explore and come into her own little sense of style.

Last, but not least we met with our small group Sunday night and this whole crazy crew of kids :)   Next time I want to watch a movie I'm heading to Natasha's!  THAT COUCH, Y'ALL!!! 

HAPPY Monday, friends and make sure you check out my post below highlighting an awesome sale happening right now with my FAVORITE skincare brand!


  1. Every time I read about Gary Patterson I laugh out loud...

  2. That couch looks heavenly! I can't believe how big Rosie has gotten!

  3. Does Griffin wear kids Birkenstocks? Does she like them?

  4. I love Rosie ! She fits with your family perfectly!

  5. I don’t know how you do it! I sincerely, honestly I am so impressed with the your dedication to your classroom and your students. I cannot imagine trying to keep that pace up. Prayers that you don’t burnout and that you are given all the support you need in this strange season.
    I can’t believe Luke is in Middle School!!!!


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