Monday, August 17, 2020

Colleen Rothschild Best Sellers Sale

Today marks the beginning of the Colleen Rothschild Best Sellers Sale and I am SO EXCITED because several of my favorite items are included!  You can click  HERE to find everything that's included in the sale and use the code BEST25 when you check out.

I started using Colleen Rothschild a few years ago when Sheaffer introduced me to  the cleansing balm.  It was love at first wash and I've used it exclusively ever since.  I love that it's one step to get anything and everything off of my face - from mascara to sunscreen to everything in between.  My face is SUPER sensitive (if you follow me on IG you can attest to this because I've shared crazy reactions a few times) and I've never had any irritation with Colleen's products and the cleansing balm is effective and still gentle.

I grabbed  few photos (y'all - this was a feat!) of my nighttime routine last week and here we go :) 

First up is the cleansing balm.  With clean hands I get a bit on my fingers and just massage it onto my face...

You can rub it right over your eyes and lashes, open your eyes and there is no eye irritation. 
You can already see my mascara/eyeliner melting off.

Once my face is totally covered, I wet the muslin cloth (or even a clean washcloth) and wipe the cleanser and all of my makeup right off!

CLEAN (and tired because FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL!) face...

After I use the cleanser I use the  Retinol Supreme Night Oil and Retinol  Superme Eye Serum.  I've been using this every night for the past few months and have found my skin to be more even and bright.  Because the serum has plant oils in it as well I've never had any flaking.  If my skin is feeling extra parched I'll add a top layer of  Extreme Recovery Cream after the retinol products have had a couple of minutes to soak in.

You can see how thick and creamy the recovery cream is - I was skeptical that it was going to feel WAY too heavy and/or greasy but in the morning when I wake up my skin feels hydrated but not oily.

A few other favorites that I like to add into my nighttime routine are the  glycolic acid peel pads with blue agave.  They're these little "cotton rounds" that almost feel scrubby.  After I cleanse I'll use one on my face and neck and while my skin does turn a little bit red, I can follow it up with a serum and in the morning my skin is super soft and not irritated at all.  I've seen a big difference in the a few areas of hyperpigmentation that pop up occasionally.  

 I also like to mix in the  clarifying detox mask one night a week - it's a charcoal mask and the activated charcoal gets your pores so clean!  I've also used it overnight as a spot treatment on a hormonal blemish or two and it's worked wonders.

A new try for me is the  dual enzyme polish and I'm already hooked!  You massage it onto a clean, damp face, let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse it off.  It's an amazing exfoliator and I love the scent.

In the morning I will usually use some toner on a cotton pad and then spray my face with the  beauty water mist.  It's coconut water, hyaluronic acid and cucumber extract and it's super refreshing!  Once that's dry I use one of three serums... either the  age renewal super serum mandelic acid radiance serum or face oil no. 9 and ALWAYS the  complete eye cream.

The age renewal super serum and mandelic acid radiance serum are new and I'm loving them.  If you suffer from acne breakouts the mandelic acid is supposed to be wonderful for that as well!

After the serum has a minute or two I'll put on a thin layer of the  sheer renewal cream which is so light and moisturizing without being oily or greasy.

If you had told me two years ago that I would have a skin routine beyond using the same cleanser that I did in high school and college and more than a couple of times a week (I know, I know!) I'm not sure I would have believed you but I am SO GLAD that I've invested the time and money into my skin.  I'm obviously not getting any younger and while I'm not adverse to fine lines and wrinkles (I've earned those!) I did have some pigmentation/redness issues that I felt self conscious about that I feel have improved dramatically.

I wanted to share my entire routine/regimen so you'd know about all of the products that I love but if you're looking for one, two or a few to try out I'd start with the cleansing balm, retinol products, sheer renewal cream and glycolic acid peel pads.  I strongly encourage you to check out the Colleen Rothschild website as there is SO MUCH great info and you can look at products based on your skin concerns.  If you have any questions about the products I use leave them in the comments and I"ll respond as soon as I can. 

Happy Monday and happy shopping, friends!!!

Thank you so much to Colleen Rothschild for partnering with me on this post.  I love getting to share about products that I use and love!


  1. What did you start with? Obviously you didn’t go from “nothing” to all of that immediately :). I’m ove a decade older than you and am struggling with the redness/pigmentation and have not been happy with my current (another brand) routine. This is a lot more steps then that - I am particularly interested in evening out my skin tone.

  2. This products sound awesome and great for some of the issues I combat too with having sensitive skin. The one product you didn't mention that is a must for me is sunscreen. Do you have a go to for your face?


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