Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Dave's Office Bday Party

Dave turned 37 this past Saturday and we decided to celebrate him with an Office-themed family lunch... or should I say office luncheon :) 

The party planning committee assembled and put together a super fun afternoon with NO GREEN anywhere!

Dwight, Angela, Pam and 3-hole-punch Jim...

The decor was spectacular...

And the spread of food was "eclectic" :) 

We had Stanley Nickels and Kit Kat bars...

What's the ratio of Stanley Nickels to Schrute Bucks? : DunderMifflin

Break me off a piece of that...FANCY FEAST! | The office andy, The ...

Cheese balls and M&Ms...

when you eat an entire box of cheese balls and realize how sexy ...

M&M's Candies Enjoyed by Brian Baumgartner (Kevin Malone) in The ...

There were Scott's Tots...

Why Scott's Tots Is One of the Best Episodes of The Office | Collider

... miracle legumes...

Favorite Jim and Dwight moments

... along with Oscar's Egg Salad sandwiches, cheesy pitas and pretzels from pretzel day :) 

Michael Scott Makes Fun Of Oscar For Bringing Stinky Egg Salad ...

Stanley loves Pretzel Day almost as much as I do. | Office quotes ...

There was Pam's mixed berry yogurt...

... bacon grilled on a George Foreman grill...

Michael Scott | Office humor, Office quotes, Office memes

... Big Tunas...

Big tuna!!! | Office fan, Fangirl problems, Office

... and even some Nard Dogs :) 

The Office The Nard Dog Women's Short Sleeve T-Shirt – NBC Store

We carbo-loaded on fettuccine alfredo...

... had some of Creed's worms...

When Creed revealed that he had a worm guy. | Office quotes, The ...

... and had both Alfredo's Pizza AND Pizza by Alfredo ;)

The Office] S4E3 Launch Party has a scene where Michael gets ...

We wrapped it up with some of Michael's homemade potato salad...

Academy Award winner Leonardo DiCaprio — Michael Scott + “homemade ...

... and Dave got to read all his birthday notes that we put in the blue teapot.

John Krasinski says he kept the iconic 'Office' teapot - Insider

The BEST part of the entire party was the cake!  I ordered it from C Star Cakes in Allen and it was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!

It was so detailed and FULL of little jokes and lines from the show.

And that's a REAL stapler in REAL jello!!!

The cake tasted delicious (even though we didn't want to cut into it!) and is something that we'll all be talking about for years!

In the birthday episode Jim even wears a name tag that says DAVE and she had that on the cake!

We ate...

... hung out at Cafe Disco...

... cleaned out the microwave...

... tried catching cheese balls in our mouths...

... and there were absolutely no Toby's allowed :) 

Happy (belated) birthday to our FAVORITE Office fan :) LOVE YOU!!!


  1. What a great themed birthday party! I love all the little details. Happy Birthday, Dave!! :)

  2. What a great birthday and all of that yummy food - so well done!


  3. This is simply genius and hysterical- thank you for the inspiration- you are so creative- I love your blog but this party takes the cake! :)

  4. This is AWESOME! I'm totally planning on creating an Office themed party for my husband now! It's perfect.

  5. So fun!! My kids are older and my 15 year old son is obsessed with the office! Love your creativity!

  6. I watch The Office and I still needed those reminders about some of those references so thanks for including them. What an absolutely fabulous party, you have a gift. Now I have to go and watch The Office...

  7. This is AMAZING and made me laugh so much! You are an awesome mom and do the most fun things :)

  8. Thanks for sharing all the details of a fun party!

  9. This is the most amazing thing ever!!! We love The Office and everything was so perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  10. This is SPECTACULAR!!!! I am in awe of this! Wonderful job, Andrea! I want to do this someday!

  11. Not a detail was missed! Hope Dave had an amazing birthday!

  12. You are hands down absolutely the most creative person I've ever seen!! What a fun birthday and every detail was perfection! Side note, I don't know if you are a podcast person, but I recently started listening to the Office Ladies podcast with Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey and my love for The Office has grown exponentially (and I didn't think that was possible because I loved it so much already!).

  13. THIS IS CRAZY TALENT ANDREA!!!!! My son would LOVE this!!

  14. Your imagination, thoughtfulness, & energy are inspiring--thank you, Andrea!
    What a lovely, fun family!

  15. Your attention to detail is AMAZING! What a fun party!

  16. I've been waiting for this blog post after I saw your instagram post about the party! Will definitely be recreating!!

  17. I love every single bit of this! Well done!!!

  18. The details are so spot-on and awesome! You are so creative!

  19. You win Andrea, you will all the Dundies!!!! You are the best party planner on the planet. I absolutely loved all the details... like you thought of everything. Dave should feel pretty special!!!! That cask is awesome!!!

  20. This is seriously incredible!!! Every detail made me smile more and more. Happy birthday to Dave!

  21. SO AWESOME!!! You should do a podcast!!!

  22. You've had some incredible theme parties/meals in the past, but this one takes the cake!! The attention to detail from the food spread to the outfits to the decor and cafe disco--all of it is perfection. How blessed your family is to have you to make their days special!

  23. ANDREA! If you ever retire from teaching please consider a party planning business! How did you do this?! You’re a genius. Wow.

  24. Best. Party. EVER!!! EVER...seriously...EVER.

  25. I can't wait to recreate this for my daughter who is obsessed with the Office! Question - what did you use for the "Nard Dogs"?!

  26. I can't wait to recreate this for my Office obsessed daughter! What did you use for the "Nard Dogs"?


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