Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Back-to-School Brinner

Our first day of school was yesterday and we had our Back-to-School Brinner Monday night.  It's one of my most FAVORITE traditions and is a meal we all look forward to.  We pray over the school year, talk about what to expect in the upcoming year, and talk about our favorite parts of summer. 

Every year I suggest changing the food and every year the kids insist that we keep it "brinner" and I don't object because it's simple and then we have leftover sausage balls for breakfast on the first day of school :) 

If you haven't tried these ABC schoolhouse cookies from Trader Joe's you're missing out!

I kept the decor simple and similar to previous years.  A gingham runner, folders as placemats and faux apples that I've had for 10+ years.

This year I found these cute little notebooks in the Target dollar spot (it was an 8 pack for $3) and fell in love with the print!  

The boys weren't super interested in keeping their little notebooks but Griffin took them to school to share with her friends :)

I use  Shay's Ultimate Sausage ball recipe and double it so that we have leftovers.  They're hands down the VERY BEST sausage balls of all time.  I do make them really large but I keep the baking time at 25 minutes and they're PERFECTION!

The little globes were a Homegoods find years ago and the plants in the white containers were a Trader Joe's find.  I went to look for cut flowers and the pickings were slim but at $5/each (with the containers!) I scooped a few up.  I brought them to my classroom on the first day and am hoping I can keep them alive for a few weeks!

All of my white stands are Homegoods finds over the past several years and the napkins I found at Pier 1.  Our local store is going out of business and I thought they would be SO CUTE for Halloween but really loved them here as well!

The little pencil paperclips I found in the Target dollar spot as well.  Then I just wrote their grade and name on a piece of black paper and cut them out.

Along with the sausage balls and cinnamon rolls we scrambled up some eggs and had fruit as well.

And here's the one picture I took once we sat down - and I'm perfectly okay with that!

Happy Back-to-school, friends!!!


  1. I always love seeing your Back to School Brinner! Have a wonderful school year! :)

  2. Always one of my favorite traditions at the McAnally's house!

  3. Can you share your cinnamon rolls recipe? They look so good@

  4. If you ever get tired of teaching, party planning should be your next career. Always so cute, Andrea!

  5. Totally want to copy your ideas next week for our two COLLEGE kiddos and a sophomore in highschool!
    You're so creative, Andrea!!!

  6. Those cinnamon rolls look so good--can you share that recipe please!

  7. We used to use those letter cracker cookie thing for spelling practice!! What a fun brinner night.


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