Monday, August 24, 2020

Cardboard Bird Craft

While perusing pinterest a while ago I came across  this image and knew instantly that my kids would have a blast doing something similar. 

This weekend we pulled out some large pieces of cardboard I've been holding onto with this project in mind and we got to work drawing and cutting out our pieces.  In hindsight I wish we'd gone a little smaller in scale but spatial stuff has never been my specialty and in the moment it didn't seem "that big".  

We got everything cut and laid out...

... and then got to work on painting.

Mason and G took the reins and while I washed brushes and helped with some tiny hearts they requested they worked together on this for at least an hour and it was so sweet to listen to them discuss detail they wanted to add and what colors should go where.

Look how FUN!

We let it dry and then hot glued the pieces together.  Since it ended up being SO LARGE we were brainstorming where to put it and Mason suggested I hang it up in my classroom so that's just what I did :)  

It probably won't be a permanent fixture but will more than likely make appearances for special announcements and I think it is a super fun addition to my room...

They LOVED this project and I think it would be so fun to do it with a flower... big yellow/orange center and then all different petals.  

If you have some extra cardboard laying around I highly recommend this fun project - especially if you have older kids who can handle using acrylics and have patience to wait for coats of paint to dry before adding details on top. 

Happy Monday and happy crafting!!!


  1. So cute! She's the perfect edition to your classroom!

  2. How cool! Miss you on Instagram! Hope you are all adjusting well to being back at school.

  3. I'm mid-40's and want to make this myself! So fun!!

  4. So so cute!! Don't have kids yet, but hope to one day replicate these crafts with my future kiddos!

  5. You should get brads instead of hot glue and connect them that way so that the bird moves!!

  6. A-Dorable. They did a fantastic job on the details! I truly thought the different pieces were fabric covered. 👏👏

  7. A-Dorable. They did a fantastic job on the details! I truly thought the different pieces were fabric covered. 👏👏

  8. Sooo cute! What do you use to cut out the cardboard? My scissors can never do the job!

  9. My 11th grade math teacher had a "hard-nosed bear" that came out only on the day before a test/quiz and left after the test/quiz was over. Maybe this super cool bird could come out for those times with inspirational/comforting messages?


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