Wednesday, May 27, 2020

What's Up Wednesday

Today I'm linking up with  Shay and  Sheaffer to talk a little bit about what's been going on around here!

We've been living in the pool and I've been keeping things easy by making "big plates" that they can snack on while they swim and hang out.  I make a bunch of different sandwiches (put mayo on the side) and throw on whatever chips, pretzels, fruit, etc. 

Most of the time they'll come hang out and eat, swim some more, eat some more, etc.  It's easy, makes everyone happy and keeps my kitchen clean :) 

This was the first year in MANY years that we didn't attend the Smiles for Habitat charity concert.  Dave and I attended a few years sans kids but the earliest pic I could find was the year we took Moose...

,,, and here's a pic from last year.  It's always a fun time and we were sad that it didn't happen this year.

Y'all know I love a fun pool float and fortunately/unfortunately I feel like most of ours probably made it through the winter thanks to proper storage (we haven't gotten them out yet) BUT here are some I'm loving in case ours didn't survive the attic storage situation.

ALLLLLL the outside play.  They haul out a ton of toys in the morning and have been playing for hours on end.

Not really anything BUUUT I have a meeting at work this week that I am actually SUPER excited about.... except for the part where it starts at 8:30 a.m. Ummm.... I haven't been fully awake at 8:30 in months.  MONTHS!  Excited to see some of my colleagues and work on some things for next year - NOT excited about the start time ;)

I just started watching Call the Midwife so I'm working on Season 1 and I'm LOVING IT so much!!!

Call the Midwife - Season 1 The series follows the lives of a ...

I made THE MOST DELICIOUS avocado salad on Memorial Day and I'm sharing the recipe tomorrow!  So simple and quick and SO SO SO GOOD!  The perfect summer side.

Luke just finished  The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (it's a prequel to The Hunger Games) and he LOVED it!!!  He said that you definitely want to read it after reading the other Hunger Games books in case you were asking about reading it first.

We've been listening to  this playlist on repeat.

I wore REAL CLOTHES last night and it was exhilarating :) hahaha Dramatics aside it did feel good to put on some earrings and lip gloss.

You can find the dress HERE - it's a really great material and I love the length.

After a TON of rain this week we're hoping that the sun will be out this weekend which means hopefully we'll be doing a lot of this...

We're having some work done to our pool and patio and now that the big decisions are made I'm just excited to get it done!  

Griffin has been begging and waiting to get her ears pierced but here's my question - we should wait until we're done with swimming, right?  I got mine pierced right after a wedding I was in as a kid and have VIVID and horrific memories of having to clean them and what not during the summer and being in and out of the pool.  I can remember crying and begging my mom to not do the peroxide rinse and can feel the pain of having to turn them.  I'm trying my hardest to avoid that with G and so I'm thinking we need to wait until we're done for the pool for the season.  But let me know if you have any experience with this PLEASE!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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  1. I cannot wait for the avocado salad recipe! I grew up in PR where they literally pierced a baby girl's ear at birth. I did that for my girls and my oldest was the first that my doc ever did - in the hospital. He was so proud. The nurses Quite honestly, they just poke the earring through. She will love her pierced ears! My youngest daughter pierced all of her girls (3) at birth. My oldest had triplet boys so that would not have worked for them :)

  2. I would think the chlorine would do the cleaning for you... but I have 3 sons.

  3. My daughter got her ears pierced last August and had swimming lessons at a public pool twice a week starting 3 weeks after. It was recommended that she not swim at all for a week (I think) after the initial piercing and her ears were just fine through lessons. They now recommend saline solution instead of the concoction we had growing up so it was really gentle and mild on her ears. Not sure if that helps or not...

  4. I hadn't my girls done at a piercing/tattoo place (best decision ever) and they actually don't recommend turning them anymore.. you clean them with saline and can put tea bag compresses on them for pain but that's it! My girls hardly ever hurt.. as for the pool part I'm not sure?

    1. I was going to suggest a piercing/tattoo place as well. We've gone to Body Jewel (not sure if they have those in Texas). Call and see what they say about swimming.

  5. I had a really bad experience, too. I was so stubborn that I wouldn't let my mom clean my ears and wouldn't do it myself (I was 9) and one got infected. I remember going around with one dangly musical note earring for months. :) We eventually (painfully) got it out and I got the other one pierced again.

    I don't have my girls get their ears pierced until I think they're mature enough to take care of them. Our oldest got it done at 8 and it was totally fine, she went swimming and everything and took good care of them. Our second oldest daughter got an infection in one and it ended up closing up but the infection was stuck inside. Yuck. So lesson learned again. :) The solution doesn't hurt if you do it twice a day and just turn them a little bit each time. Just don't neglect that and she should be fine. But I'm a firm believer that if you suspect they're not ready to care for them, it's best to wait for sure. I personally would wait and then use it as an incentive for something at the end of the summer just to be on the safe side. But we've also had a lot of bad experiences. :)

  6. Get them pierced now if you’re planning on putting her in any fall sports. I got my daughter’s ears pierced too close to soccer season and taping them up rather than just being able to take them out was a pain.

  7. We went to a body piercer last July for our 5 year old. No turning, they gave us a saline spray to use and no swimming for a bit- the length of time was different for pools vs. beach/ lake, but I can't remember what it was.

  8. I love a sandwich by the pool! It reminds me of my childhood!!!

  9. No clue about the swimming pool, but I would suggest going to a piercer/tattoo studio versus someplace at the mall. A needle is safer and less painful than a piercing gun. Good luck!

  10. We went through our pediatrician's office, and they recommended to wait a few weeks before swimming. Went to a piercing/tattoo place first but they required child's photo ID (Oklahoma requirement) and she did not have a passport yet. The pediatrician's office used earrings with plastic posts to start, which they said was to lessen the risk of developing metal allergies/sensitivity. We were really pleased with those, and she has not had any reactions in the last 2+ years.

  11. You still have to do the cleaning/turning of the earrings no matter what!

  12. The avocado salad looks delicious!!

  13. Love Call the Midwives - I am just starting season 2!!

  14. Ouch! Peroxide? I can imagine that would hurt! We used rubbing alcohol when I got mine done in 1979 or so and that wasn't bad at all. It still takes me back to the moment I was getting my ears pierced every time I smell it (which isn't very often). But, as someone said, they use a special cleaning solution now that you purchase when you get your ears pierced and neither of my girls complained about it. Not sure on the swimming thing but my daughter plays soccer and they made her take the new earrings out for a game and the holes were closed by the time we got home to put them back in! No kidding! So keep that in mind for timing too!

    Can't wait for the avocado salad and I am definitely going to start the lunch plate!

  15. Our pediatrician in Frisco offers piercings. Easy!

  16. Love Call The Midwife. I started watching when it first came out on PBS. Keep the tissues close. It just keeps getting better and better.

  17. We did my daughter's in May and it was great, due to sports in the fall. I would also suggest the tattoo parlor!

  18. My daughter has three piercings in both ears. The first two were done at a retail store and the third was done at a tattoo parlor/body piercer. The tattoo parlor was very sterile, professional, and way better than the retail store. They said to only clean her piercings with saline and dial liquid soap. No swimming allowed for several weeks.

  19. Call the Midwife is in my top five all time favorite shows;).


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