Thursday, April 9, 2020

This and That

Today I have a little of this and a little of that.  I miss our "regular life" SO MUCH - but have also been soaking up the slower pace and trying not to miss out on the "good stuff" right now too :)

Like impromptu mid-afternoon fishing trips...

... where the only thing we caught were logs :)

... and sleeping in late.

Memes that make me laugh WAY too hard...

... and time to tackle some of our favorite puzzles.

GORGEOUS weather and school outside...

... and lunch from the grill.  Yes, ma'am. 

Afternoon downtime...

... evenings outside...

... fun "riddles" assigned by teachers with photo responses ;)

... birthday postcards from some of their FAVORITE counselors (extra prayers that things are back to normal by summer because CAMP!!!)...

... and a VERY exciting ZOOM show and tell that basically turned into a pet parade :)


  1. Where is the awesome blanket from that the kids are laying with in bed? It looks yummy soft.

  2. So jealous it's pool weather there! Quarantine would be a lot more fun if we could open the pool!

    1. The weather has been warm but the water is FREEZING! hahaha

  3. Curious to know what you are reading on your Kindle? I've gotten mine out for the first time in years because #libraryclosed. Looking for good Kindle recs:).

  4. Lucky you can fish somewhere! We're jealous. California state, county, and local parks are all shut down so there's literally no where to go.

  5. I feel ya -- miss our "regular" life so much. And you're right, there is a lot to appreciate and "not miss" in this season too.


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