Friday, April 10, 2020

GOOD Friday

Today is short and sweet as we get ready for Easter weekend and while I've for sure been bummed about our "normal" Easter being cancelled - no family dinner, no friends over, no big Easter egg hunt that we've done every year, no in-person church service, the list goes on - I'm actually really excited to kind of strip it down to the bare bones and focus on what's REALLY important.  

It's going to be quieter than normal but I'm prayerful that it'll be easier to hear God's voice - what a blessing.

If you're looking for an Easter Service (or several - hahaha) to watch our church has LOTS of options including Good Friday online today.  You can click HERE to find out how/when/where to watch as well as download some resources to use before and during the services.

Last, I've mentioned my FAVORITE Easter book on a few occasions - but if you don't have it for yourself take 10 minutes and watch the illustrator read it in this video - it's wonderful!

Happy (almost) Easter, friends!  HE IS RISEN!


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