Monday, March 2, 2020

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, friends!  As you're reading this I'm already on the road to West Texas for the 8th grade trip.  Yes... my blog publishes at the same time I have to be at school today... 4:30 AM.  Bless.

Friday night was the Manda Strong Gala and I'm not sure I've ever been so proud of my friends!  Countless hours of hard work paid off and over $130,000 was raised for moms battling cancer to create memories with their kids.  It was AMAZING!  Dave couldn't make it (boo!) so I decided to volunteer and it was so much fun to see so many people who loved Manda and those who didn't know her who are committed to carrying on her legacy through supporting the foundation.  And yes... this is pretty much the only pic I have :) hahaha

I had spent the morning at Math Olympics and the afternoon grading and prepping to be out of town for 3 days (and leaving lessons for my 7th graders and getting everything ready for tests when I get back) and so I bowed out early from the gala (after my volunteer duties were over because EXHAUSTED) and found myself here pretty soon after...

Speaking of Math Olympics - this kid competed in computation on Friday morning and we're anxiously awaiting the results!  There was no on-site awards this year so we're just over here refreshing my email about 100 times. And in typical Luke fashion he was not super excited about stopping for a photo op at the competition but was totally down for it when it involved a celebratory DQ Blizzard after :) 

Saturday morning Mason did some doodling...

... Griffin and Joy did some snuggling...

... and Gary Patterson did some bathing :)

Then Saturday afternoon we hung out with all four cousins for a bit and then got some serious twin-time when we babysat Jack and Bennett for a few hours.

... and my FAVORITE picture from the whole day...

... because watching two babies is TIRING!

Sunday morning we did church and then I spent the rest of the afternoon grading papers (UGH!)...

... before we headed to Mason's first football game of the season.

They were short a few players (they all had to play the entire game) and he was playing a new position but they played SO HARD!

Mason earned the 110% award and it was a fun way to start the season!

Happy Monday, friends!!!


  1. What a great weekend! I have to say, your check in skills were pretty incredible. That tablet was NO JOKE.

  2. Best of luck this week; sounds like it will be a DOOZY! ;)

    And I'm pretty much obsessed with the pic of GG reading to one of the twins. I love a kid with a book; it's so stinking sweet. (I know that's weird of me. IDK why I find it so sweet.)

  3. Hi Andrea! Where is your dress from that you wore to the gala?!

  4. Hi Andrea! What kind of photo booth did you use for the gala?


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