Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Rainbow Fun

It's no secret that Griffin LOVES her a rainbow and this past weekend we made a super fun craft that could easily tie in with St. Patrick's Day or any day you want a little sunshine and color in your life :) 

The first thing we made were these rainbow "door hangers" out of paper plates and acrylic paint.  

I squirted out the rainbow colors she picked, painted a "sample" one for her to look at and let her do her thing!

After she painted the rainbows we mixed up some light blue paint and painted 2 additional plates for the sky...

After everything was dry we stapled the sky to the rainbow (creating a "pouch" of sorts), glued on a few stretched out cotton balls and attached some string through a couple of punched holes.

We filled one with Rolos (yes, ma'am!!!) that we'll let the kids grab for their lunch treat...

... and filled another one with skittles and Griffin is working on a special note and then we're going to go hang it on a friends front door later this week.  EASY and so fun!  It would be so cute filled with St. Patrick's day jokes and/or trivia for dinner time fun, fruit snacks, etc., etc,. etc.

We also broke out this rainbow paint set which I wasn't CRAZY impressed with but the kids really enjoyed. 

It came with a variety of brushes and you dipped the brushes in water, rubbed them on the paint "wheels" and then got creative. 

It took a few tries for them to get a hang of and they were all a little bit concerned that the colors weren't in rainbow order BUT it was still fun and I see this little set lasting a long time.  

And if you're looking for rainbow books here are a few of our FAVES :) 

While this isn't the same "crayons" books we all know and love (The Day the Crayons Quit, etc)  How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow is still SUPER cute!  

The Sun and the clouds are best friends until one day they get in a fight and refuse to stay in the sky together.... which means no more rainbows.  The crayons  have to step in and bring color back to the world and it's a precious story with even more precious illustrations.

A Rainbow Of My Own is super sweet and makes it fun to talk and think about what it would look and be like to have a rainbow all your own.

Last,  Ava and the Rainbow (who stayed) is SUCH a cute book!  

Ava encounters the most beautiful rainbow she's ever seen and wishes it could stay around forever... and it DOES!  When people start to lose interest in the rainbow Ava learns a lesson about how sometimes something being rare and fleeting is part of what makes it beautiful and special.  

This  rainbow in my room projector is the PERFECT tie-in with the rainbow who stayed book.  It's a sweet little nightlight that projects a real rainbow into your room.  MY only complaint is that it doesn't come with an AC adapter... it runs off AAA batteries unless you have an extra adapter laying around.  It would  be a sweet nightlight and a great birthday present idea for friends!

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  1. Perfect timing! I have 6 grand kids coming over tomorrow night and I see rainbow plates in their futures!

  2. Oh that is so cute.. my son will love that first rainbow craft.


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