Monday, February 24, 2020

Weekend Top 10

Mason has been working for the past 6 weeks or so to prepare for the ACSI Speech competition.  He tried out and made the school team and then memorized a Bible passage that he had to recite in front of a panel of judges (and the 35 other competitors in his category!).  The competition was on Friday and he earned a Superior rating (the highest one you can earn!) and has found a new LOVE - public speaking! It's been so much fun to watch him try something new and we couldn't be more proud of him!

After the speech competition we raced over to his friend's racing birthday party - look at all those cute drivers!

After the party we had to make a quick stop at the Dude Perfect headquarters to peek in the windows.  They didn't get to go in and help with any trick shots but they did find a grocery list in the parking lot that they are CONVINCED belongs to one of the guys :)

Saturday morning Luke and I ran a few errands together and it was just a sweet time with him.  We grabbed a few things for his science fair project, he loaded the car for me after a Costco run and he sat in the front seat and controlled the radio.  Love it.

Since I was out on Friday we ran up to school on Saturday to grab a couple of stacks of papers from my classroom.  Nothing more fun than getting to ride your scooter around an empty campus!

Luke wrapped up his science fair project this weekend and it was so much fun to watch him work!  He definitely had a vision in mind and I'm not sure I've ever been more proud than watching him laminate those pieces of paper before sticking them on his board! ;)  #craftymomprobs

The weather was pretty this weekend and I swear that the boys spent MOST of their time out in the driveway practicing punting kickballs over our house.  Don't ask me who came up with this or why it's so much fun.  But apparently it's a really good time.

Sunday we went to a Mardi Gras party at Playstreet in Allen and it was so cute as always!  They had mask crafts set up, beads for the kids to wear and king cake for everyone.  So much fun!

Griffin was playing in one of the little houses and was serving breakfast to Dave and the babies but I laughed SO HARD because when I walked by she was on the other side and it looked like Dave was just hanging out in front of the fire in a tiny house with some bitty babies :) 

Mason played Legos the entire time...

... and I really don't think Griffin left the play house more than 3 times. 

Because "Mommy... doing laundry is so much fun!" ;)

Happy Monday, friends!!!


  1. Those Playstreet Pictures are so cute-we love that place! We haven't made it to the Allen location yet but it's on the summer list...I spy a Vine and Branches sign ; )

  2. You know I love all of your kids so much...but my love runs DEEP for Mason. xo

  3. Punting a kickball over the house sounds right up Carter's alley! :) AND WAY TO GO, MASON! That is awesome!

  4. Oh my gosh.. I have two older brothers and I remember them throwing a football over our house over and over again!

  5. That Playstreet place is adorable! My boys would have loved that when they were little. Sounds like a perfect weekend! Have a great week!

  6. Love that Playstreet has the same Vine and Branches sign that I just ordered for our house!

  7. We just got done with our very first science fair project. I would love to hear about how you help your kids be independent in these kinds of projects and how much you help with and best practices that you have found as both a teacher and mom.

  8. My kids did the ACSI Speech Meet when they were in elementary school. Great memories and such good practice speaking in front of people! Great job, Mason! LOVE that picture of Dave in the play house. Too funny!


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