Thursday, February 13, 2020

Three Things

Happy Thursday, friends!  Usually on my three things posts I share recent pics of the kids to go along with their three things BUT I feel like it's been so gross outside all week and almost dark by the time we've gotten home so instead I'm going to share some Valentine's Day throwback pics :)

I'm not really sure what exactly inspired this new venture, but Luke and one of his friends have a business that they're wanting to start - complete with business plan, marketing ideas and potential investor list.  Not sure where this little venture will take them but I'm loving how excited they are.

In my last Three Things post I mentioned a 100 grand club for 5th grade reading - well, Luke and a few friends made it into the Millionaire's Club by reading (and passing a comprehension test) on books that totaled over a million words.  Their teacher treated them to lunch at school (and they each got to invite a friend which was so fun!) and his goal is to hit 2 million words before the school year is over.  Keeping my fingers crossed that he keeps his love of reading forever!

We held off on letting Luke watch the Marvel movies until a few months ago and since then he's been living for Friday and Saturday nights when Dave gets home and they watch one together :)  It's been really sweet and he's LOVING the movies.

Mason's basketball season is wrapping up this weekend with a tournament and y'all... he has LOVED playing basketball!  He practices all the time on his own, gets super excited on practice and game days and has fallen in love with watching basketball on TV.  Football starts this month as well, but he's already talking about next year's basketball season.

- MY EYES!!! -
A conversation came up in the car on the way home from school involving Adam (as in Adam and Eve) and whether or not he would have had a belly button.  I said that he wouldn't have had one because he was never attached to a mom via an umbilical cord.  This spurred on a LOOOONG conversation about babies in utero, umbilical cords, etc., etc. etc. and ended with Mason asking to see a picture of him with his umbilical cord because "I just don't believe that!".  I prepared him for what he was going to see, showed him the pictures and his eyes got all big and he just kept repeating "MY EYES!!! MY EYES!!!"  I was laughing SO HARD but it was a good conversation about God's perfect and intricate design and care for us and he said "he's glad he looked" :)

I cleaned and organized our craft closet last weekend and since then I've found Mason digging around in there daily.  "Mom! I didn't know we had GLITTER PAPER!"  or "MOM! Did you know we had jumbo popsicle sticks????"  The creativity has been at an all-time high and it's been super fun to watch him.

Griffin has been asking for glasses for months and months and when she found my old blue-light blocking glasses (the ones I wore when I worked on the computer before I had prescription lenses) in the great office clean-out last week she was OVER THE MOON about them.  She's been wearing them all day every day at home and at school and the novelty hasn't worn off yet :)

We just signed G up for Spring soccer because she has been BEGGING to play again.  We're crossing our fingers and toes that the practice day isn't Tuesday because she is PUMPED UP! hahaha

Academics are really starting to "click" for G and it's been so fun because every night at dinner she is so excited to tell all of us what she's been learning.  States, Countries, money concepts, bird facts, the water cycle and on and on and on.  We'll get in the car after school and I'll ask her about her day and she'll start and then go, "no, wait!  I'll save it for dinner" and then at dinner she tells us all about it.  She always ends with, "I can't wait to see what we learn tomorrow!"  So grateful for great teachers!!!

... and by fun I mean stress. Y'all.  My green card renewal has been "processing" since March of 2019.  MARCH!!!  I've received word that everything is fine but there's nothing like your immigration status being up for expiration to make you sweat a little bit at night.

Dave has a pair of "vintage crocs" that he's had since we first got married and they're his "yard work shoes".  They're awful.  We laughed so hard a few weeks ago when we went to get out of the car at Mason's basketball game and he realized that he forgot to change out of them before we left and he was wearing not only the crocs but the crocs WITH MERMAID SOCKS.  Y'all.  And the best part was that they asked him to run the scoreboard so he had to sit at the little table in front of everyone.

I'm not sure why we haven't watched it before (I've watched a few episodes here and there, but not entire seasons) but Dave and I started watching Last Chance U and we are HOOKED!!!  The language in season 1 is A LOT but it's so well done and we have found ourselves totally rooting for the players and coaches.  I'm not a big football fan but have so enjoyed it because of the backstories - so if you're looking for a show to watch with your husband this could be a good one!


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    1. Me too! You better believe I’m going to start my citizenship process ASAP!!!!

    2. Andrea, I'm pretty sure I've already started your citizenship process! I've been so worried about this!!

  2. My husband had to wait 6 months just to get his global entry processed, so I know there must be a huge backlog with immigration stuff! Good luck!

  3. MY EYES MY EYES! Haha that tickled me.

    And Dave with his vintage crocs would be so cool around here amongst the middle schoolers. They are everywhere!!!!

  4. The crocs with socks is hilarious! My husband went to a basketball game in his slippers a few weeks ago. He was mortified!! lol.

  5. Where are you originally from??? Also, those throwback pics are PRECIOUS!

  6. Immigration stuff scares the heck out of me, as I have a daughter currently dating an English boy. They are living in Australia on a holiday/work visa and will return to the US to work the summer in CA and then go back to the UK to both earn their Masters in Education and then return back to the US to work again. I just stress about how this is going to work out for the two of them. At one point, the first year they dated, I told her "don't you dear marry that boy so he can get a visa." Now, after 4+ years, I'm telling them "would you just get married to help the process." So crazy how difficult immigration can be

  7. Last Chance U is SO good! Horrible language but so, so good!


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