Friday, February 14, 2020

Friday Favorites

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Favorites this week have been playing "rock star"...

... drawing like Mo Willems...

... and setting a pretty table :) 

I've been wearing  my FAVORITE sweater...

... these cuties have been looking cute (can you spot Mason?)...

... and I've been eating more than my fair share of my FAVORITE SNACK EVER.  Your breath will be AWFUL but I promise they're worth it.  PROMISE!

This cracked me up and pretty much sums up my FAVORITE winter wardrobe stable...

I have  a new FAVORITE keychain.  ALWAYS Irrigation Room.  Always.

The kids valentines this year are some of my FAVORITES!  Mason and Griffin both gave these scrunchie valentines to the girls in their classes....

... and these slime ones to the boys. 

Luke did scrunchies for the girls (but without my cute saying because #5thgrade) and did nutty buddies for the boys :)  I honored his request for NOTHING CUTE...

We did make something cute for the kids teachers...

... Griffin and I did a double batch of muddy buddies and added in some peanut M&Ms and left it in the teacher workroom (with a spoon and cups) for the lower school teachers yesterday.  It's one of our FAVORITE things to make!

Mason's Valentine's box this year is my FAVORITE.  It was 100% him and 100% awesome.

He also brought home some pretty awesome art this week.  This piece is my FAVORITE.

Happy Friday, friends!!!  This weekend we have some fun plans including horses, a basketball tournament and A DAY OFF ON MONDAY!!!  WOO HOO!!!

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  1. Once again, your Valentine's are perfection!!!! Great job, mama!

  2. I need those pretzels in my life. Right now.

  3. I enjoy living vicariously through your sweet little family--I sure miss those days! <3 One of these posts, you'll have to share the clog-style shoes you are wearing.

  4. OK, this is dumb but I didn't know yall get Snyders in TX and I feel like a proud mama. Snyders was a staple in my house growing up in OH and I'm pretty sure it was only regional until recently. Anyway, I'm glad you get to experience the joy of Snyders pretzels in the Lonestar State. Try the buffalo ones too. I could live off of those.


  5. I ordered two of those Schrute keychains last week!

  6. Your daughter is always so cute! I finally figured out to store my kids' artwork. Love my 6 year old's pics!

  7. Glad I'm not the only one with a HUGE stack of black leggings (all the same!). LOL. I really miss making up class valentines! You have some super cute ideas here and I'm sure the teachers loved that Muddy Buddies mix.


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