Thursday, February 27, 2020

Amazon Lately

I've had some fun finds on Amazon lately and thought I'd share what's been arriving on my doorstep via Prime lately. 

Raise your hands if you're a Grey's Anatomy fan!  I saw  this hoodie and it was love at first sight.

Griffin is going to overnight camp this summer and was having some anxious moments about it being dark in her cabin at night (thanks, big brothers for discussing how dark it is in there with her - hahaha) and I immediately thought about a glow worm (hello, '90s) and when I realized that those weren't a thing anymore I found  this little guy.  It's bigger than I thought and easy for her to snuggle with and then press a button and have it glow.  It's perfect!

Luke needed to create an incubator for his science fair project and we ended up ordering  this space heater to keep things at a constant temperature.  Somehow it's landed in my office and I am LOVING having it blow on my feet while I work at night.  Win-Win!

These headbands are my favorite for when I'm washing my face and trying to keep my hair dry.

I LOVE a good puzzle and Dave had  this one primed to our house for my birthday and I can't wait to work on it with the kids during Spring Break!

We ordered  this projector for Mason for Valentine's Day and it's been the biggest hit.  It projects a starry (and cloudy) night and fills up the entire room.  It's absolutely beautiful!

My very favorite dry shampoo was delivered this month...

... as was  this shoe spray because Y'ALL... we have some stinky school shoes at our house.  And I'm happy to say that this works SO WELL!!!  Better than anything else we've used!

Griffin needed a couple of new pairs of tights for dance and  these are great quality.

And I randomly came across  a meatball sub ornament one day and audibly gasped because meatball subs are Luke's FAVORITE food ever so you know I had to grab it for him.  Talk about being on the ball :) hahaha

I posted about  this cup on my Valentine's Day gift guide and couldn't resist it - I've been using it daily for water and am loving it!

This petri dish kit was also delivered recently and it was exactly what Luke needed for his project.

Last, but not least  these pop-up post-its because #teacherlife...

Happy Thursday and Happy Priming, friend!!!


  1. I just added stinky shoe spray to cart. We've never really had a stinky shoe problem over here, but JUST YESTERDAY I was like WHAT IS THAT SMELL? Answer: Carter's shoes. Excited to try the spray!

  2. How "piney" is the spray? We could use that over here, too, but I am not sure I would like the smell of strong pine any better!

  3. The stinky shoe spray is a godsend! With a 14 year old in the house, this is a HUGE issue ;)

  4. And now, my cart is full. Sigh. Love YOU!!!

  5. O my goodness!!! I ordered the shoe spray! We too have horrible stinky school shoe issues!

  6. How does the sweatshirt run size-wise? I can't wait to buy one! Huge Grey's Anatomy fan over here!

  7. They do still have Glow Worms! I bought my kiddo one for Christmas. It was at Walmart! I couldn't resist the throw back so I bought it. Did a 6 week old need a Glow Did momma? Yes!

  8. You should try the charcoal bags on amazon for shoes and anything stinky (litter box, car, smoke etc). They "recharge" outside in the sun and last forever.

  9. Those pop-ups are great - thanks for sharing!!!

  10. You always have the best Prime lists!

    1. Forgot to ask....can you use a straw in that cup? I have to have a straw!


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