Thursday, September 20, 2018

Day in the Life - Tuesday Edition

Today I'm sharing a "Day in the Life" detailing our Tuesday of last week.  Tuesdays are B.U.S.Y. around here and so I thought it would be fun to share an exceptionally busy day along with a more relaxed one (I'll share that next week). 

Tuesday started EARLY for me because I had to wash/dry my hair.  UGH!!!

Hello, my name is Andrea and I'm in no way a morning person.

About 45 minutes later and I'm showered, my hair is dry and I'm caffeinating :) 

Getting up to put the tea kettle on again and here are all of the uniforms for the day laid out waiting for the kids.  Having them get dressed in their rooms is a BATTLE for us so we keep all their uniforms downstairs and they get ready in our room in the mornings.  Everyone has a hair brush, toothbrush, bin of underwear, etc. so that once we get them downstairs they don't have to go back up.

Dave is the king of lunches at our house.  Occasionally I'll get super inspired (usually the day after a big grocery haul or Trader Joe's run) and make lunches at night but most days it's Dave rocking it out.  GOD BLESS, DAVE!!!

We TRY to pack their backpacks up at night but there are definitely days where that doesn't happen and we always encourage THEM to put their things in their bags so that they know it's where it's supposed to be (this is what happens when your mom is a teacher... personal responsibility comes EARLY!)  This is also where I'll lay out things that they need for the next day (dance bag, football bag, etc.) that need to make it into the van.

Back in the bathroom to finish up my hair and makeup.  I keep it SUPER basic and quick.  Eye shadow, liner, mascara and a little blush.  The end.

Around 6:30 kids start rolling into our room.  That's Luke in my bed :)

Hair - done!  And  this dry texture spray is my best friend ESPECIALLY on clean hair!

We avoid screens in the morning except for when I'm trying to braid Griffin's hair and I need her to stand still.  Inevitably this draws a crowd and on this morning they were looking at those "memory" movies that iPhoto puts together.

In the midst of all this chaos Dave got the kids fed... I would love to say that they eat steel cut oats and yogurt every morning but the truth is they eat things like string cheese, cereal bars, leftover meatloaf (seriously!), etc.  I figure that some cheese is better than a muffin, right?  If they ask for eggs Dave does that for them (because he's the best!) but none of them typically have big appetites in the morning so as long as they eat something I call it a win.

Hair done and ready to go!

Empty bathroom and I scarf down a piece of PB and banana toast (my typical morning routine)...

... grab my shoes and do one final check to make sure I haven't forgotten anything important like eyeliner :) 

We try to leave around 7:10 and are at school about 10-15 minutes later.  The kids all walk in together and occasionally I get a glimpse of one of the boys holding G's hand as they walk down the sidewalk and my heart gets all big and mushy.  And other times I get to see them passive aggressively tug on the other's backpack and shoot dagger eyes :) 

Before classes started that morning I got my room open and ready, turned on my lamps, got papers that I graded the night before out and ready to pass back, put some stickers on quizzes, etc.

First period started at 7:45 and we dove right into Multi-Step Inequalities...

I have a planning period second hour and I entered grades, graded a few more papers, answered a few emails and worked on a few plans for Homecoming.  I also spent some "quiet time" prepping my girls small group.

This was also a teacher luncheon day and I brought the dessert I made down to the Lower School workroom.  Our PTF coordinates these monthly and I know how much I appreciate them as a teacher myself so I always try to make something homemade and a little bit special for the kids teachers.

This was my mid-morning snack... I can't stop eating them!

9:20 is our "snack break".  We have this Tuesday - Thursday and it's just an extended passing period where the kids can go to the lunch room and get a snack, play wall ball for 10 mins, etc.  They sit and focus for 6 academic classes a day (not including fine arts) and the break is MUCH NEEDED for this age group.  It's also a much-welcomed mid-morning chat time for teachers ;)

I got back to my classroom and caught a glimpse of Mason's class waaaaaay out there playing four square.  When it's rainy or wet from previous rain the lower school kids will have their recess time out here on the circle since the playgrounds are too wet and I love getting to see them.

After extended break I taught 3 more classes (two Pre-Algebra and a Math 7) and then it was lunch.  We all met in the work room and were treated to a really delicious meal provided by parents - this is my favorite day of the month :) hahaha

After lunch I taught two MORE classes and when 2:15 rolled around I got organized, sorted papers, and worked on a practice page for the next day.  While I've taught the same subjects for years I'm always tweaking, improving and creating based on the needs and learning styles of my current classes so believe it or not there's still a good amount of prep even all these years later.

School ended at 3:15 and I had a few kids come for tutoring until about 4:00.  I picked up my cupcake tray, cleaned up my classroom, made a couple of phone calls and then picked Griffin up from our after school program around 4:25 to go to dance.

Quick change in the car and in class by 4:45...

I let myself leave my grading in the car and brought my Kindle in instead.  Diet coke and Kristin Hannah for the next 45 minutes, please.

Well... maybe 30 minutes because I remembered to check my to-do-list on my phone and ordered G's Jazz shoes, signed up for football snacks, etc., etc., etc.

While we were at dance, Dave got done at work, picked up the boys (who had been at homework club at school) and then we all met for dinner at McAllister's.  It's not the same as sitting around the table at home but we're still all together, doing our high and low for the day, etc. so it works!  On this day I was still stuffed from our teacher luncheon so I opted for a  HUGE iced tea instead of a meal.

Griffin and I left McAllister's and headed straight to cheer practice...

... and Dave took the boys to the country club for Luke's golf lesson.  While Luke worked with his instructor Dave and Mason (and my dad who joined them) putted and practiced at the driving range.  

Practices and lessons were over at 7:30 and we regrouped at home around 7:50 and I started the assembly line of showers, hair brushing, dirty clothes, etc. while Dave unpacked lunch boxes and started pulling out homework folders. 

So fresh and so clean!

After everyone was clean and changed (it was probably around 8:20... I made them shower quick!) we all sat down at the table to go through folders, check over homework that the boys completed at homework club, run through spelling words and memory verses and go through sight words with Griffin.  We also enjoyed pumpkin cream pies ;)   Homework club is part of our after school program where 1st grade and up can go with high school kids and complete their homework.  My boys go every day and I love it because then they come home with it completed - but we still check over things, run through memorization they're working on and do Mason's Mad Minute (math) at home.

Griffin had an assignment that night as well that she worked on.  It was super sweet because Mason read the directions to her.  Win-Win!

Sight word time!

While Dave and G worked on sight words I took a few minutes to change and wash my face.  My routine is pretty simple... I use these  eye makeup remover pads followed by a face wash (I love this  microdelivery exfoliating one and alternate it with  this oil based cleanser) and then I use  this toner and follow it up with  this moisturizer.

Dave took the kids upstairs and started the bedtime routine and I started the laundry.  I've mentioned this before but I try and do laundry every single night and I wash everything together on cold.  Every.  Thing.  we leave the lid of the washer open and we all just throw our dirty stuff in there throughout the day and then I run it at night.  Uniforms, dance clothes, golf clothes, wet towels, dish towels, etc. it all went in there together.

It was a later-than-normal night so we did quick stories, prayers and snuggles...

... and around 9:20 everyone was tucked in and pretty much asleep.  Dave finished washing lunch boxes and cleaning up in the kitchen while I made sure everything was set for my blog the next day and quickly painted my nails.  The ONLY way I can paint my nails as frequently as I do is because of this top coat.  I can paint my nails and be doing other things about 10 minutes later with no smudging because it dries so fast.  As far as blogging during the week goes I try really hard to get the bulk of the week done on Friday and Saturday nights after the kids go to bed.  I attempt to plan ahead enough so that I'm not spending a long time during the school week- but sometimes I do end up spending an hour or so working after the kids are in bed - it just depends.  This is also when I catch up on my Bravo shows :)  My blog was pretty much done so after my nails were dry I switched the clean laundry to the dryer, started the Roomba and quickly went through the mail.

Dave and I were both WIPED and in bed around 10 (#praisehands) and this is when the no dinner part of my day caught up with me and I poured myself a bowl of Cap'N Crunch.  Sometimes a busy day calls for that! We watched an episode of Jack Ryan, I put a few things down in my planner before I forgot and it was an early night for both of us.

So, like I said earlier, this was an exceptionally busy afternoon/evening for us - but I wanted to share how we handled it because I know lots of y'all are juggling multiple kids/activities/sports/etc. 

My plan is to share a "slower paced" day (it was actually the next day) next week so look for that if Day in the Life Posts are your jam :) 

If you missed some of my earlier daily recap posts you can read them here...

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  1. Too funny!! I posted a Day in the Life too! And I’m laughing at your Amazon “saved for later” items!! What do you have in there??? Hahaha!

    1. I saw that too, and need to know.....hahahaha I LOVE Amazon.

    2. So glad to see that I'm not the only one with TONS of "saved for later" things in her amazon cart!

  2. What a great day thanks for sharing!!! We also wash all our clothes together. I do throw in a color catcher in every wash just incase something were to bleed on the clothes. If you have never tried these I highly encourage. You can get them at Kroger or anywhere made by shout and they have saved me so many times !!! Also what is the top coat you use? Blessings on your day!

  3. I just got the seche vite top coat in the mail yesterday and it’s AMAZING!!! Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Which top coat do you use? I always smudge my nails because I can't wait 30 minutes for them to dry completely before I have to do something! I also had to laugh at your "saved for later" items :)

  5. Always love reading these are definitely on top of things. Haha I noticed the Amazon "saved for later" items as well. Made me smile...what do you have in there??

  6. Love these posts! You & your hubby sure make a great team getting it all done.

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  8. Love these posts!! they're always so interesting to see how other people's days run!

  9. I love day in the life posts. They are probably my favorite posts to read and also write. It can be so crazy how much we fit into a day.

  10. Okay being the avid tea lover and Amazon junkie that you are (me too) you NEED THIS TEA POT

    It is only 20 bucks and it is so handy and heats up water in about a minute. I love it so much.

    I loved this post....but I'm so tired after reading it. God bless you. Looking forward to your next post with a day in the life- slower pace. I appreciate all the time you put in on the blog with all the other work you have going on.

  11. Ha! I see a "Saved for Later Amazon Cart" blog post in your future:) I also loved the TWO tea cups in your morning pics:). Always enjoy a day in the life post, thanks for sharing!

  12. Out of this post your "saved for later items" is what has my attention!!
    Glad to know I am not the only one... :)
    But seriously...inquiring minds want to know...
    You most definitely are busy!

  13. Cracking up on your "saved for later" items! haha Busy momma for sure and seriously isn't a bowl of cereal just the best way to end a day sometimes?

  14. OK we need some screen shots of those saved for later items! I always stress when mine gets close to 30, 337 is A LOT!!!

  15. Sooo what I got from this post is you had the busiest day ever AND you didn't even eat dinner!! How do you not pass out!! Teach me your ways!

  16. hahaha, Andrea. No worries. I just checked my amazon cart and I have 433 "saved for later" items. You know, so I won't forget they are there. LOL!

  17. Good Lord, amazon must LOVE you!!! LOL


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