Thursday, September 27, 2018

Day in the Life - Wednesday Edition

If you read  my last Day in the Life post you'll remember that I was up at 5:15 to shower and do my hair and all of that... well... the next day was a MUCH better situation for me :) 

Yes ma'am to 6:30 wake-up.  First things first... tea :)

This day I added nasal spray to my morning routine because ALLLLL the allergens are out right now.

Different day, same kind of toast. #creatureofhabit

The kids were up around the same time I am and they got themselves dressed and headed to the table for breakfast while Dave got their lunches done.

I fixed the kids hair and we were all dressed and ready to go by about 7:10.... and I didn't take many pictures because getting 4 of us up, dressed, fed and out the door in 40 minutes was no small feat :)  

 Mason is the most like me in the mornings and we can take a while to "pre-heat".  He was NOT photo ready at this point in our morning :) (PS - we were parked in our driveway when I took this)

After we left, Dave had about an hour and a half at home and he unloaded the dishwasher, put laundry away and even grabbed a couple of things from the grocery store for me before heading into work.

I dropped the kids off in carpool, drove up to the middle school parking lot and was walking to my classroom before 7:30.

I taught a Pre-Algebra class and then in my 2nd period prep time I worked on Homecoming court ballots...

... graded papers, answered a few emails and worked on a to-do-list. 

I also got a little peek at Griffin out on the circle :)

Third and fourth periods we headed outside to work on a practice test because there's something to be said for getting kids UP and OUT of their desks.  

Fifth period we went over their test review, did a pop quiz and played a kahoot review game...

... and then I headed to the student life center for lunch duty.  Look who I saw on the way!!!

Yes... my lunch looks like that of about a 9 year old and NO I didn't eat all of this.  Dave is an amazing lunch-packer but most days the boys end up finishing what's left of my lunch in the car on the way home :) 

6th period I taught another Pre-Algebra class and then 7th period another Math 7 where we reviewed for their test, played a Kahoot game and I got their additional at-home practice test ready to go on Google classroom.

Since I had gotten caught up on all my grading the day before I spent my last planning period running to Hobby Lobby to check out decor for the homecoming dance.  The theme was Candy Land and I needed to check out the Christmas selection to see about doing table centerpieces...

JACKPOT!!!  (I actually ended up purchasing a TON of this stuff to do centerpieces and then found a vendor to provide the awesome lighting setup we had instead so I returned it all.  OOOPS!)

Back at school I tutored a few kids after school and then worked on sending out test reminder and homecoming emails.

At 4:00 I went to get the kids and they were busy working in homework club and about to head to the playground so I took advantage of the time and ran to Trader Joe's to pick up a few things...

... and ordered a tea to pick up on the way home.

Since I was over by TJ's and had a few extra minutes I swung through Griffin's previous dance studio to pick up her pictures from last Spring.

... this is the face of a mama who just got to run errands by herself!

I got home around 5:00 and Dave left work to go get the kids from school.  I got dinner started and since it was a recipe I thought I might share I got my big camera out to take some pictures along the way.

Dinner's started, y'all!

The kids got home and Mason immediately wanted to help...

... not just with the dinner prep but also with unloading the dishwasher.  #praisehands

I somehow managed to get dinner done and on the table by about 6:00.  

After dinner we sent the kids upstairs to play while Dave and I cleaned up the kitchen, emptied out backpacks and lunch boxes and had some time to catch up with each other while we worked.  The kids colored and played a game upstairs and Mason came down to show us what he'd been working on :) 

After cleanup was complete we got everyone "cleaned up"... and what I mean by that is that there are nights when they may not take a full on bath or shower so we have them wash their faces, trim their nails, etc., etc.  This varies by kid and how clean they are when they come home from school/activities.

After that we settled in at the kitchen table to go over papers, do spelling words, Luke was studying for a science test, etc.  And yes... those are fresh chocolate chip cookies :)  I will often make dough on the weekend and then just keep it in the fridge so we can make a few at a time in the evenings.

Griffin worked on her dance routine for the upcoming cheer clinic (they sent out a video so the girls could watch it and be familiar with it beforehand - so cute!)...

... and then I got changed and "cleaned up" myself.

Mason had to come in and show me his spelling practice test Dave had administered ;)

I laid out clean uniforms for the next day...

... and then Dave and I tucked everyone in, read stories, said prayers, etc. and had everyone in their beds by about 8:15.  After tuck-in Dave and I cleaned up a bit and then Dave actually ran up to work to finish some things and I got on the computer to work on some blog posts and catch up on Bachelor in Paradise (y'all... there is NOTHING on in the summer!)

About 11:00 and we were both bed watching Big Brother and I was googling frozen drink machines for the dance ;)

So there you go!  I feel like my post lat week along with this post gives you a good idea of a busy as well as a more relaxed weekday in our house.  I love reading day in the life posts and seeing how y'all do your days so Im gong to add a link-up below where you can add any day-in-the-life posts you've written.  

Happy THURSDAY, friends!


  1. Girl!!! We need to talk Big Brother STAT!! I’m sad to see it end but oh, so happy about the way it ended!

  2. LOVE LOVE these posts so much. You are a wonder woman. Great job. And PS I use and love the Philosophy micro face wash too. Love it. You are the cutest.

  3. I love these posts!

  4. I think this is still a BUSY day!! Run, run, run! Where did you get the pink sweater/robe? It looks super comfy.

  5. The simple regular days are the ones I love the most and I know someday will miss the most! And you have me rethinking my dinner game tonight! Ha! Simply Tish

  6. You sure do pack a lot into one day!! Wowsa!!!! I love Trader Joes - especially their fall pumpkin products...I need to make a trip asap! Thanks for the reminder! Annster's Domain

  7. You always look so cute!
    Dave really does a great job with your lunch!!
    I think you should do a book on family meals and making memories with your kids. I really think you have good things to share. Think about it!!

  8. Even your "more relaxed week days" are packed full! I love these peeks into your days:) Your home/school must be centrally located to allow you to run quick errands like that, we are a full 20 minutes out from anywhere so I'm envious;).

  9. You are the mom I inspire to be! All the praise hands!

  10. I love your dress! Isn't it motivating seeing how much you got done in a day! Way to go.

  11. These posts are always a favorite! What kind of eye liner do you use? Your eyeliner always looks amazing! :-)

  12. I love these kinds of posts :) I've seen several lately, which inspired me to do one also. You get A LOT done in a day -- amazing. Your plan periods must be really LONG -- I could *maybe* get one of those things done in a plan pd, back in the day that I was still a classroom teacher. Boy, do I miss Middle School math!! Your kids are at great ages and it seems you have the PERFECT partner to raise them with. Love all the outdoor and hands-on time they have. . .thanks for providing a link-up to read about other people's days.


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