Monday, January 27, 2020

Weekend Top 10

Happy Monday, friends!!! I'm going to keep this short and sweet today and share 10 little snapshots from our weekend :) 

Saturday was my favorite kind of day... casual, comfy, and a perfect mix of getting caught up on things at home and activities.  Errands and straight to a basketball game in an oversized tee and leggings is my weekend jam.

We had our very own Elsa on our hands this weekend and she was pretty stinkin' sweet :) 

Saturday night Luke was out with my parents and Mason was out with friends and it was just this girl, me and some cookies and ice cream for movie time.  

My Sunday afternoon looked like this... a whole lot of work after a crazy busy week last week.  Thankful to say I am 100% caught up on grading and ready for the week ahead!  Some weeks I bring nothing home on the weekend and other weeks it's grading all weekend.

Mason's basketball team is playing SO WELL together (this is the first year to play for most of them) and Mason's confidence in his own abilities has grown exponentially (I've mentioned his latent perfectionism before and how it can be hard to try new things for him) and we love watching him play.  One of the funniest parts of the game though is the size difference in kids this age... there's a HUGE range which can be hard when you're on the smaller end of the scale :) 

Gary Patterson did some light reading on Saturday afternoon :)

And there was a serious game of shirts vs skins in my driveway.  This seems like such a "big kid" thing which was a fun moment for me.... I see lots of basketball out here in the years to come!

Sunday afternoon we got to celebrate Dave's Grandma... Minnie Fae turned 99 this week and what a blessing it is to get to celebrate with her!

Mason went to see Justom Flom (a magician) with his buddies on Saturday night and they got to meet him and have him sign cards for them.  Mason hasn't stopped talking about it!  Highlight of the year for him!  Also... this picture cracks me up :)

Sunday night Dave and I capped off the weekend celebrating one of our favorite people with a fantastic dinner out and then an escape room!  It was our first escape room and we loved it SO MUCH!  We didn't snap a pic before so here we are at almost midnight with full bellies and tired eyes :)  

Happy Monday, friends!!!


  1. Replies
    1. I feel like you could totally add another pet to your household :) hahaha

  2. What book holder do you have for all of your "big kid" books? It looks perfect! <3

    1. It's from Target...Here's an affiliate link...

  3. The lizard is too cute!!!

  4. Jam packed weekend! I remember those days with young kiddos. Aren't escape rooms run? Check your area for family escape rooms. I bet your boys would love them!

    1. We were joking that we would have to just let Luke do one by himself because it is SO UP HIS ALLEY!

  5. Happy Birthday to Minnie Fae!


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