Friday, January 24, 2020

Friday Favorites - Colleen Rothschild Sale

Happy Friday, friends!!! It's been a great week and  I'm excited to share my FAVORITES from the week with y'all today.   Erika, Narci and I are so excited that lots of y'all are linking up with us and if you're linking up with us make sure you grab our graphic, link back to one (or all!) of us and share your own Friday Favorites post.

At the tippity top of my Favorites list today is the  Colleen Rothschild Anniversary Sale!  They're celebrating 6 years by offering  25% off the ENTIRE SITE with the code 6YEARS.  Y'ALL!!!

So let's talk products....

What got me started on Colleen Rothschild products was the  cleansing balm.  Sheaffer had me try it when we were in NYC and as the makeup MELTED OFF MY FACE I fell in love :)  Seriously though... the balm is INCREDIBLE.  You make sure your hands are clean and dry and then rub the balm on your dry face and watch in amazement as everything just melts off.  It's gentle enough to rub it right over your eyes (and then open them) and gets off all of my eyeliner and mascara with just gentle rubbing.  After you're done rubbing it on your face you use the muslin cloth it comes with (or just a clean washcloth) - and you wet it and then wipe it all off your face. A little goes a long way and considering it's a cleanser and makeup remover in one the value is awesome.

For the past few months I've also been using the complete eye cream and  sheer renewal cream at night and have been loving them.  The sheer renewal cream isn't heavy or greasy and it's still "breathable".  And here's how I've upped my skincare game lately...

Morning:  I wipe my face with witch hazel toner and then put on  the Vitamin C treatment complex, let it soak in for about a minute while I do my makeup (I wear eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara which honestly takes me about 1 minute) and then put  sheer renewal cream on.  I was completely skeptical about this because it seemed like A LOT but it's not at all and I really feel like my skin looks more even and brighter.

Evening: I wash my face with  the cleansing balm, pat it dry and then use  the Retinol Supreme Night Oil and  Eye Serum. When I first put it on I was all WHOA because it looks pretty "greasy" but it all absorbs and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy or heavy.  I do the eye serum first, tapping it on under my eyes and then above my upper lip and then use the night oil and put that on my face and neck.  These products contain the highest content of retinol that you can get without a prescription and as someone with VERY sensitive skin they haven't bothered me at all!

I've been alternating and using the Retinol Serum and Oil on one night and then the  face oil number nine and  complete eye cream on the next night.  The face oil feels AMAZING and is super hydrating again without being greasy. 

The other products that I've added into my routine are the  clarifying detox mask and the  gylcolic acid peel pads with agave.  The mask is hands down my favorite one I've ever used.  It has activated charcoal and French Kaolin clay and on nights I use this (a couple of times a week... usually Friday nights because YES and then one other night a week) I'll wash my face with the cleansing balm, then do the mask and then apply either the retinol oil and eye serum or the face oil no. 9 and the complete eye cream.  If you get the detox mask be sure to get the brush to apply it because it makes application super easy, clean and it feels great :)

Please behold the least flattering picture of me ever :) hahaha  But SERIOUSLY I'm loving the mask and again... super sensitive skin over here and it's been nothing but soothing.  Those "clear" looking spots are where the mask has absorbed oils (EWWWW) and it leaves your face feeling SO CLEAN!

I was nervous about using the  glycolic acid peel pads because "acid" and "peel" but it felt GREAT! I had some mild redness (which is totally the norm for me) but it left my skin feeling so smooth and I followed up with the night oils and had zero issues.

If you're already a Colleen Rothschild fan now is a great time to stock up and if you've been wanting to try out her products now is the perfect time.  If you're brand new and looking to try a product or two my top three would be...

1) Cleansing balm
2) Sheer renewal cream
3) Face Oil No 9 or Retinol Night Oil

If you have any questions about the products I've been using or my skincare routine feel free to leave a comment and/or send me an email!

Dance day and having an "all black" moment :)  That little bun is my FAVORITE!

One of my FAVORITE funnies from the week :)

Along with this one...

IF you follow along with me on Instagram you heard me talk about these shoes from one of my FAVORITE stores Downtown McKinney - Pumps!

These are  the Tulip from Ilse Jacobsen and they are AMAZING!!!!  They have a washable, synthetic upper are CRAZY light and have the comfiest insole EVER!  They're hard to describe until you've put them on but as soon as you do you'll understand.  They're AWESOME!!!

They're European whole sizes and I'm typically a 6.5 or 7 and the size 37 work perfectly for me.  I got them in the milk creme color (which I believe is sold out except for size 38 but will be back in stock at Pumps in April)

... and then Natalie brought by the Army Camo for me to show y'all...

.... and LOOK HOW GREAT!!!

If you want to try out this shoe (or anything else from Pumps!) you can use the code ANDREA for free shipping or if you're local, mention me in store for 10% off.

Look at all the colors!  Seriously - something for everyone!

Y'all know how near and dear Downtown McKinney is to my heart and I LOVE having an opportunity to support a local business and the sweetest shop owner :) Natalie is so kind and extremely knowledgeable/helpful and if you have any questions reach out to her on  Instagram or on her website and she'll be more than happy to help!

On Tuesday night Griffin got to cheer at a high school basketball game with the Lil' Stangs and it was her FAVORITE night of the week :) 

And I sported  a pin repping my FAVORITE Dawson's Creek character because duh :) hahaha

Happy HAPPY Friday, friends!

PS - Thank you so much to Colleen Rothschild for sponsoring this post - it's an absolute dream come true to get to partner with brands that I love and I'm forever grateful for the opportunity to try out new products and share things that I use and enjoy.   Also, thank you to Pumps for the CUUUUTE shoes and the chance to share your business with my readers!  This post contained affiliate links - thank YOU so much for reading and supporting my blog!  

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  1. Hi Andrea! Just double checking: for the cleansing balm, it’s enough to cleanse your face throughly without another cleanser? Also, how much to you use each time? Thanks :)

    1. It is!!! I use about a dime size amount and I don’t have to double cleanse ;)

  2. Those IlSE Jacobsens are some of my favorite comfy shoes. I got some last year before Disney World and they were perfect for long days at Disney!

  3. I use the CR eye serum and you mentioned putting it above your top lip. That intrigues me. What is the benefit?

    1. It was a “pro tip” I read and essentially it’s the same anti-aging benefits but since the skin above your lip is delicate it’s just a convenient place to use the excess ;)

  4. Those shoes are super cute! Have the Best weekend!


  5. I just bought myself that Pacey Witter pin and I'm totally Jessie Spano from Saved by the Bell - I'M SO EXCITED!

  6. I don't think Griffin could look any cuter!!!!!

  7. Those are some really cool shoes! Might have to look into them before our next trip that involves lots of walking.

  8. The Tulip IISE Jacobsens shoes do look and sound amazing. So many colors to choose from! I like the fact that they're offering free shipping with your code to people like me who live in TN. :) I wear a 7 or 7.5 shoe, so I'm really wondering which size to order because it says they should fit snug initially and then loosen up over time. Any suggestions?

    1. I’m a 6.5 or 7 and got a 37 so I’d say a 38 for you. If you call Pumps Natalie is FANTASTIC and she could help you out if you have other questions.

  9. Hey!!! Where is your green top from?! It's so cute!

  10. HI! Where are your peace sign earrings from? Thx

  11. The products you reviewed look amazing but that lil bit of a cheerleader is the best thing of all!!

  12. Andrea, I’m wondering why you encourage readers to post questions or seek advice if you aren’t going to comeback to answer them. It’s frustrating for those clicking on your links not to have the folllow-up support. This is certainly not an isolated thing-I’ve posted lots of questions that never get answered.

    I’m not commenting this to offend or cause umbrage. I’m genuinely interested if you even want the engagement.

    1. Gretchen,
      I can totally see your point and appreciate the feedback. I try to make a point to come back and comment but I could for sure do better. Thanks for reading and for the honest feedback!


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