Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Weekend Top 10

Happy TUESDAY!  The long weekend was exactly what we all needed and we are hitting the ground running this morning!

So here we go with my Weekend Top 10!

I LOVE wrapping gifts.  LOVE.  I love a fun paper, ribbons, yarn, the whole thing.  We have several birthdays coming up and on Saturday morning I got way more on the ball than I normally am and wrapped everything for the next few weeks.  

Meanwhile, all 6 of these guys were snuggled in our bed watching Aladdin.  Yes, that's a bearded dragon on Mason's head.  It's on Dave's side so it's ok :) hahaha

Griffin had a cheer clinic at school and she was SO EXCITED!!!  The dance is her favorite part.  And the cheering.  And the high school girls she gets to hang out with.  And Little Sally Walker :)  She loves it all.

After I dropped Griffin off at cheer I had to run an errand downtown and of course had to make a few pitstops.  Y'all.  One of everything, please.

We watched Mason play basketball and it's getting more and more fun as the season goes on.  This is his team's first season together and they're starting to really play well together and are just so cute :) 

We laugh because there are a TON of little sisters at the games and they have their own little "sideline club".  I'm not sure any of them have watched any of the games, but they sure do have a great time together!

Post-church cuddles :)

Griffin had a birthday party at the Perot Museum Sunday afternoon so we all went down there together and she and I went to the party and Dave took the boys to the exhibits.

Seriously.  Cutest scientists EVER.

It was a GREAT weekend!  As evidenced by those bouncing braids :) 

Happy TUESDAY, friends!!!


  1. Your wrapping is fantastic! Is there anything you can't do?!?!? Happy Monday!

  2. Annnnnnnnnnnd now I can't get Little Sally Walker out of my head. :)

  3. Where is the pink dog wrapping paper from? Your wrapping is amazing!

  4. If people don't know Little Sally Walker, they need to look it up, because it's stuck in my head now and it needs to be stuck in everyones haha


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